So, I've had a nothing day, and I don't say that in the "omg I've done nothing today", but more "I've done nuthin' and that's the way I like it". So here I sit, sun streaming in and feet up.

Well, they were up, I had to put them down to type ;)

Main reason? Well, probably that Jo is making some of her mums famous soup. This stuff is what religious people call Ambrosia - and I don't mean the English Rice Pudding. Food of the Gods and all that. I've mentioned it before - back in February, the day after the anniversary of losing Bethany, I actually wrote out the ingredients in another rambling post. Gammon, Veg, Stock - the stuff is amazing.

Added to this, I've got a cold bottle of Hobgoblin - a very dark ale that I love, from Wychwood Breweries. If any of you can get hold of some, then do it. I've had it on tap once, and it was even better.

Last on the pile is the sadistic side of me. Being this time of year, it's time to de-flea the critters, and while they're OK, we do it anyway. The dogs were fine - bathed and sprayed, all good. The cats, well, the cats... Out of the five, we've only hit two so far, and one of these two is Trixie. He's balding, he's scrawny, and most importantly, he hates aerosols, silent sprays, powders and everything else. To say he goes mental would be an understatement. As usual, I am ripped to shreds, but I am happy in the knowledge that he looks even crapper than usual, and is currently sulking upstairs hissing at everyone.

Highly amusing.

Of course, no doubt I'll be crappy again in the morning, but I've made enough soup to last a lifetime couple of days.

Plus, Dutch Trance always cheers me up - probably because everyone else hates it ;)

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