So we're back to Saturday. Another week closer to Winter, Xmas, a New Year. Autumn has well and truly landed, with the weather taking a turn for the worse and me getting soaked twice in one day. We actually put the heating on yesterday and as is usual, the top-floor radiators are struggling to get hot. Stupid three-storey houses. Of course, the sun is out and the sky is blue today, so go figure.

Jo is on the mend finally, and actually has colour in her cheeks again today, so score one for her immune system. The squids are fine, and aside from being knackered after a busy week, I am fine too.

After my rant on yesterdays post about Warcraft, we actually logged on and played WoW on and off all day. Sod the press. Thanks to everyone that commented on the post and agreed with what I was saying. Stupid press. When I say "On and Off" I mean between laundry, washing up, cleaning up, dog walking, school runs and lunch-making.

Last night i decided to geek-up my desktop a little more than normal by stripping it. And when I mean "Stripping it" I mean there is nothing visible. Lookie:

I've always liked the minimalist look, hate clutter, and decided to make sure I had ZERO clutter. When I make everything visible on my desktop, it's turned rather Mac-like with a dock-bar at the top, and the Start Bar at the bottom - both are on auto-hide by default, I've just made them visible to show ;)

The shortcuts at the top are My Computer, Network, Documents, Internet, Email and WoW, and a Clock (I removed the weather after taking the screenshot). The bottom bar has a start button, but the clock is actually gone though - I removed it after taking the screenie.

Other than that, I'm working on todays "This Week" post, as well as trying to convince Tam to tell me where my mobile has gone. It vanished day-before-yesterday, around the same sort of time the little monkey was playing on my desk. Trouble is, if it gets dropped, it turns off - so I've tried ringing it but no dice. I've even tried bribery, and the response to "Where's my phone" gets the little monkey pointing at the house phone. Pah.

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3 Responses to “Feh”

Alan said...

Dan! You're one tiny step short of being a mac user with your new desktop!

Don't fight it. I love my new Mac. Don't regret switching one little bit!

Bite the bullet. Be a switcher. Go on.

Dan said...

As soon as I win the lottery I might invest in a spanky new MacBook. Maybe ;)

debbie said...

no wonder you have not responded to text i sent you on friday,, you lost it, or maybe tam has..