So I'm An Addict

And according to this video, it's a bad, dangerous thing

However, here are some things that really hack me off - it's this sort of press that make all of us Warcraft players look like pale-faced addicts that do nothing BUT play Warcraft.

For starters, he's 16. SHE needs to be a mother and say "That's enough". Also, the game comes with parental controls - oops, they failed to mention that!! She can set how long he can play for, from 1hr to 6hrs, what days he can't play, what times he can't play... Then they mention the chinese kid that killed himself saying he wanted to meet the heroes in the game. Well, after staying awake for 36 hours, I talk to the kettle, regardless of playing games, watching telly or whatever.

Then there is the kid swearing and getting violent. I'm sorry, but I've played WoW a long time, and have yet to throw ANYTHING at a wall, nor scream and shout at the monitor. The most damage I've done is knock a glass of wine on my keyboard while playing, and that's because I wasn't paying attention...

Fifteen-Twenty years ago, I was a bad person for playing Dungeons & Dragons - devil worship, don't you know. Ten years ago I was bad for listening to rock and metal - hidden messages. Five years ago I a bad person for living in chat rooms - full of child molesters. And NOW I'm a bad person because I play WoW.

Yes, I am the first to admit, I DO play a lot of Warcraft. But then, I don't have many friends around here, and I really really can't socialise with people face-to-face. This may come as a surprise to some, but Dan in the Flesh is shy and quiet - well, till I get to know you ;) Then there's my back - some days I hurt so bad, I just want to flop in a chair and concentrate on something. But on the other hand, I know people that watch 12 hours of TV in a day, soaps, reality TV, dramas, series - why is that different to what I do? Hell, I know two people that watched the Big Brother live channel ALL DAY LONG.

And this is going to sound SO bad. When we lost Bethy, everything on TV, everything in movies, everything outside - whatever we did, where ever we went, something reminded us of Bethany or what she went through or whatever. We played Warcraft. Our friends on there (because they ARE friends) knew what we'd been through, and it was an outlet for us to do stuff without constant reminders of what happened.

I'm actually THANKFUL to Warcraft for that.

Anyways, I've got stuff to do now - will be around later. Unless I'm jacked into Warcraft and letting my life disappear! Stupid biased news stories. Bah.

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6 Responses to “So I'm An Addict”

Nancy Jensen said...

Dan, if you were 16yrs old, dropped out of school and just refused to get a job like the kid in the news report, then I would believe you had a major problem. You are right... that lady needs to BE THE MOM and make some rules. And yeah, of course anyone is going to stay awake for 36 hours straight then they will do all kinds of stupid things like that kid who killed himself. GEE

However, I do see the problem when kids are allowed to play their games ALL THE TIME.

I have to pull my kids away from the video games.. but it doesn't matter what type of game they are playing... they just want to play them all the time. I have noticed that with my boys if they play A LOT of the shoot-em-up games they tend to get short tempered with each other but it's usually if they are trying to boss each other around. I don't want them to live their lives solely playing their games, but that's not all they do. They play their games but they also go to school, do some chores, go to scouts, go to church and go to some outdoor activities.

Jessica, on the other hand, rarely goes to school, doesn't go outside much - or really gets out of the house much besides doctors appointments and a few socializing events and she LOVES her video games. Of course she physically (and medically) can't do all that other stuff... but she definately isn't a bad person because of it.

All I can say is, moderation is the key AND each person's situation is different.

Two summers ago Justen almost failed out of a college class because he spent all his time playing games online and going to deviant instead of doing his homework. Yet Jessica will never be able to go to college so playing her games is something that is stimulating and challenging for her.

So whoever said YOU are BAD can just go away. You are right that there is a lot of controversy about warcraft and other online gaming... but hey, there will always be something for people to complain and worry about, right? You are an adult, you take care of your kids, tend to Jo when she's sick, tend to the housework and do whatever you need to do as the MAN of the house. If you want to play your warcraft then by all means, you SHOULD!

Sorry for the long-winded response. I'm headed off to bed and am a bit tired so I was rambling on a bit. Take care and hope you have a better day.

debbie said...

Oh honey a mother or a father should keep an eye on there own child, I for won wont let Charlie play shoot-um-up type games at all, he does have a PS2 that he rarely uses but he only has things like Spiro, ratchet and Clank, oh Martin wont let him watch casulty either.. but that lad should get a life, a job and play warcraft less but its not my lad..

But Dan now way on this Earth are you a Bad person for playing Warcraft or Dungoens games it called release for you from you pain as well as playing or socialising with yout online gamers.. And Dan you may well be shy in person but the true cheeky, sometimes pervy Dan comes out on like or in text so you just carry on.. And so what if you played warcraft over the time you lost Bethy.. you do what you have to to honey..

oh but i also am a shy person too, ok i got to Heartline parties but I am not the first person to make conversation, but I can sit and chat on MSN or now that Camstreams with camera on and just chat to people..

we are all different, no going to see what warcraft is all about

will find you there may be Dan

Em's way said...

What a crock of poo that reports talking, Stef loves his internet games, but he has to do his homework first, and then he is limited to an hour a night playtime. I am his mother and I make the rules, if he doesn't like it.... Tough titty

Daddy Cool said...

Hey guess what sometimes being a parent means you have to tell your kids no.

I especially loved the part where the newscaster points at the computer and goes "you call them your friends." yeah shocking that people can connect and make friendships over this new-fangled gizmo the comp-u-ter.


All things in moderation, my friends.

Stuart Wilson said...

The tabloids and media do tend to over-exaggerate on these things - I mean comparing playing computer games to drinking and drugs...... Get real.

These people really need to do their research properly first before having articles like this broadcast on TV. I've been playing computers games nearly all of my life.... maybe too much, but its all fun - just like going out and playing football (by the way, i dont like football and do not find any sport interesting or fun).... I'm a social person, married with a lovely child, healthy and not obese and have an absolutely fantastic job - not bad for someone who spent all of their childhood playing computer games when I should have been studying and doing homework!!.

As long as you can tell the difference between reality and virtual reality, the press should leave us gamers to our beloved hobby.

<--- I step down from my soapbox.

Alan said...

I think this is just another case where the media has sensationalised the actual truth. I think they missed the point that this teenager (and let's not forget that he still is a teenage boy) has what appears to be some serious social issues. He clearly needs guidance and discipline. Do the computer games add to this? You know, maybe they do, to a certain degree. They certainly provide an outlet for him to continue his anti-social tendancies, but there are clearly other issues that need to be addressed.

Like everything else, computer games are not the sole responsible aspect for a negative observation.

Dan, it seems to me that you're a case in point. You have a happy family that (from the outside anyway ;) ) seems to be contributing in every way to society, and clearly any computer games that you or yours might embrace or encounter aren't hindering that contribution.

Just my opinion. You know.