Kerb Crawler

In order to off-set the rantiness of my last post, I figured what is more amusing that putting a photo of someone you know on the web, let them know it's there, but know they don't have internet access to see what nastiness I've written. My dear reader, my I present my friend, Celeste.

Celeste is another mum at the school, though her daughter is older than Jaysen. She lives a couple of doors from another friend, Ruth. Celeste, however, doesn't have web access, and said those fateful words to me yesterday, "You wouldn't put my photo on your blog!"

So there we have it. This was taken yesterday, while we walked home from school, she was in the car. Yes, she drives where we walk 10-15 minutes. This is her driving at the same speed we were walking, trying to be a kerb crawler. She started laughing when I shouted we don't want to buy her cheap sex, and she looked mortified when I started shouted that the clap and crabs hadn't cleared up from before. Others on the street were watching like we were mental.

Funny that.

She also claims she touched my dogs privates by mistake...

Anyway - this is more to prove that saying to me "You wouldn't do that..." is usually fatal.

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3 Responses to “Kerb Crawler”

The Special Zipper said...

Right .. reminder to self .. never say "I bet you won't do ???? Dan".

Mark said...

Okay lets see..... I bet you can't point your camera to your fish tank it was great talking to the man eating fish!!

Dan said...

Tim, put it this way - if I *somehow* had a copy of your DVD, I'd put certain frames up for public consumption!

And Mark, I will photograph Bob once I am sliiiighty more awake. And can find Jo's phone. Or can be bothered to get the proper camera off it's cradle.