Frickin' Sky

So, we have Sky TV - which, for all you none-UKers, is satellite TV. "Come to Sky!" said the sales rep "We're better than Telewest!". Well, we've been with Telewest for years. Being that I worked for them and tested it when it was going to be launched, we kinda stuck with it, but the prices have gone up and up and the service slowly got worse. While I was off sick, they closed my department and moved it to Birmingham. Sod moving up there. So I got a payout (which they tried to fight, suckers) and lived happily ever after.

One day I will discuss my time there, and how sick it made me - but this is not that time.

So, we had our dish installed, our box put in, and away we went. Wootage. Then a couple of weeks ago, there was no signal in the morning - obviously something had farted overnight. Reboot the box, all good, move on. Then during the day we'd get this error message appear, and everything would shut down. Reboot - and it'd happen again a few hours later.

Then LAST weekend we were watching TV on Saturday, and it shut down. Reboot, then ten minutes later, shutdown. So I called Sky. Or, rather, I tried to. "You are in a queue, and the current waiting time is -" cue the robotic voice "-fifty. seven. minutes."

Holy crap. So I waited, and waited, and I waited some more - then after 1hr 5mins, I realised "Hold the horses - this ain't a free call." and put it down. I redialed. Waiting time, in the same robot voice. One. Hour. Twenty. Five. Minutes. Bugger that.

Sunday it was the same, until I figured "Sunday night, not much happening, try again." Took them an hour, but I got through! By now, the TV has completely given up the ghost and a reboot just made it angry. "Well Mr English -" said the woman in her sexy Scottish accent "- we'll get someone out to you as soon as we can - how's next Friday?" Hmmm. "Well, I have no TV and a 7 year old that misses his cartoons." See, Telewest, no service - priority call. Easy Peasy. "Well, I'm not seeing anything available before then." Great. "OK, fine, but I've got no TV." "That's not a problem, our tech will be able to resolve it."

Of course, the second kicker is the fact I have to wait for him to call me to tell me roughly WHEN he's arriving - the appointment is all day long. Which means I'm here all day. Of course, I can't get through to call and ask when, can't get through to call and complain, and their website sucks the big one - I tried to send a nice long winded complaint, but ho-ho, their forms only allow 512 characters.

"g-e-t-a-g-r-i-p-y-o-u-t-w-a-t-s" should cover it.

Of course, with today being the date it is, he'll probably fall off the side of the house and make a mess on the path...

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4 Responses to “Frickin' Sky”

The Special Zipper said...

Go get em ... unleash .. but don't take out the techo ... I was a techo once and usually the technicians are under resourced, underpaid ... blah blah blah.

The following comment is rated PG .. parental guidance recommended.

I love your "get a grip twats" reference but somehow I think we have a different definition of twats ... as they are useful in Aussie.

(A little like the American expression fanny (bottom) .. same meaning in Aussie as Twat)

Now I'm going to get a bit birds and bees here just to ensure this is understood ... plus a bit of Aussie culture ... both these words are also known in Aussie as "the map of tassie". Now to your atlas and have a gander, imagine Tasmania as short curly hair ... and bingo you've established the Aussie slang definition of twat & fanny.

ciao now.

Dan said...

hehehe thanks for the map, but over here, twat and fanny mean what I think you think they mean. A Fanny Pack over here is far too amusing a term.

Think Front-Bum ;) hehe

The Special Zipper said...

Ah you Poms ... we haven't let that little convict thing affect us too much ... either that or we brought you guys down with us.

Mark said...

I left NTL and went to SKY looking for better customer service I do hope I don't have the same problem, hope all okay now.