Midnight on Long Riding

If there is one thing you can count on, it's some kind of arguement on the street outside on a Friday night. No school, pubs & clubs with their long opening hours, binge drinkers... Well, last night wasn't much different, just a bit worse if that is possible.

Skip back a bit. Jaysen got in from school - still no repair man, and time ticked down and down. So much for "Before 4pm" I thought as he pulled up at 4.45pm. He walked in, looked at the box, announced "the box is shot", went out, got a new box, reinstalled it, left. Six minutes.

When we got installed, we decided to opt for a refurbished box which gave us a £25 discount on our first bill. We had the box, we got the discount, box blew up - we now have a shiny new box. Result.

After Jo's running around for every other bugger yesterday, she was tired, Jaysen was tired, Tam was tired and as usual, I was tired. So once the boy was in bed, we went to bed. At 9pm. On a Friday. BUT we took a DVD with us - early night, Tomb Raider, all good. Me, well, I nodded off halfway into the film, and was woken up just before midnight - it was warm again yesterday so the bedroom windows were open, so the sounds of the street were piped up into our room.

It started off with shouting between two groups - just taking the piss out of one another, but with really really colourful language. Things started getting heated and they were really screaming at one another. By half twelve, it sounded like there were pitched battles raging outside, screaming obscenities at one another, crashing and bashing of things being thrown, the sounds of fisticuffs.

Thankfully, the sound of sirens broke them up, and when the first FIVE police cars pulled up outside our house, they were gone. Not sure why there were two fire engines out there - but the noise of it made it sound like a riot, so maybe they were going to hose the shits down.

Outside this morning, there are sticks, broken glass, bits of signposts, and I notice the chap next door has moved his car well away from near his house.

And all this - this is WITH an increased police presence. I was stopped by a policeman last week, just to tell me that they are informing local residents (like me) that they are increasing the police numbers around this area, due to the concerns of violence between different "youth groups". I said "Don't you mean gangs?" and he kinda side stepped it with a "We don't like to call them gangs". Right. So gangs it is.

Ah well, tonight is Saturday, so it'll be the drunken girls screaming at their boyfriends tonight.

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One Response to “Midnight on Long Riding”

The Special Zipper said...

Dan .. I reckon you are so in trouble for the sentance

No drunken guys pushing the perve boundaries a bit far ...