Things To Do...

Because I can!

As you know, Weebl is a big hit in this house. We love him, the kids love him, and through me, you all (better) love him. Toilet humour at it's best. For those that don't know what I am talking about, for shame. For shame.

*ahem* Anyway, being that I've gotten to be a bit of a dab-hand hacking up mp3 tracks for ring tones, message tones or generally sending out in messages, I've added a couple more to Jo's phone - considering mine is who-knows-where. Probably the tip, because Tam likely binned it, but still. I live in hope.

Weebl does one series called "On The Moon", which is kinda random comedy (Episode 1 is here, and Episode 9 was posted earlier this week or last week) but has an amusing character in the form of Insanity Prawn Boy.

Well, Jo's phone now spouts both "Testicles" and "A Big Fat Dooby". Clicky for listen - it's only short ;) Over the space of the last week or so, I've edited a few mp3s into ringtones (cutting out intros, and cutting off the end so it takes up less space) as well as collecting sound bites from movies/cartoons/ads to see what I can do with them too.

And as a side note - while talking about ringtones - for the love of all that is ring-tone-like - don't pay for them off those bloody TV adverts. All you need to do is buy a USB Dongle (I can hear you laughing out there!) from somewhere, get a copy of the song, and copy it onto your phone. Easy peasy. One of our friends pays a fortune in getting "real mp3 ringtones" and I can't believe the amount they charge.

Do yourself a favour - do it yourself! hehe

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2 Responses to “Things To Do...”

Mark said...

Got to get me one of those USB Dongle things, I really need some decent ring tones.

Dan said...

You don't own a dongle?! Are they like a rare-import over there in Wales? Do you need a special license for such technology?