On The Mend

So the headache is gone - finally - and I'm still not sure what caused it. I ended up drinking gallons of clear liquids yesterday and it helped, but I could hardly form a sentance or concentrate very much. Watch 24 Season One till almost 8pm, when Jo and the kids came back. Armed with her mums homemade soup which is the ultimate food. Faffed around for an hour then went back to bed.

I hate headaches. Usually none of my painkillers touch them and it's either suffer in silence, whine like an old woman (which is usually the case) or just go lay down.

But this morning I feel pretty good, so think a load of rest was what I needed.

Anyways, in answer to your question Laney, yes, the Space Worm song really IS my ringtone. I took the flash off the site, pulled the audio out of it and saved it as an mp3, which I then put onto my phone via Bluetooth. I trimmed it down so the tone stops when the camera pulls back, but then, if I don't answer it by then, the other person usually rings off.

Yes, I am a smarty pants.

And last, congrats to Cass for a good interview, even if the signs that morning pointed elsewhere.

I might point the cam somewhere INDOORS later today, but it might not be aimed at people. Rodent or Fish, maybe. I know that certain adults in here don't like to be on camera at the best of times, so don't hold your breath.

Edit: Forgot to mention - those of you that comment as "Me" - it turns out there are two, maybe three of you using that name, so I am getting confused!

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One Response to “On The Mend”

Anonymous said...

I havent used "me" to you in a very very long time...so its not me.