Chillin' Out

So after a few stressful days, I'm actually sitting here with my feet up, music pumping out, and all is fairly quiet.

Jo is still suffering with her muscle/nerve/whatever so I've told her to stay in bed and eat drugs. Problem solved. Tam, however, is slightly miffed at this arrangement as Daddy is clearly less fun/interesting/clean than Mummy. As soon as she realises the breasted-one is missing, she gets the raging strop, which is fun.

Anyways, the girls are having a nap at the moment which is why I am chilling - Jaysen is having fun on Jo's machine, and the dogs have either moved out or are asleep upstairs too.

I had to brave town today which was less-than-fun as usual, and the Xmas madness is starting. Someone moaning that his son would miss out on a PS3, someone else discussing the intricate difference between Duck and Turkey, one old girl buying about 10 loaves of bread, and women moaning over the price of the coats.

Of course, with Jo out of action, I HAD to go into town and got the basics (plus some apple pie and custard), and doing so half killed me. Tired and Achey. The downside if that means the housework is piling which means that tomorrow I will blast through the house and knacker myself that way. It never ends :D

My WYSIWYG editor is still screwing in Firefox which is strange, but still no fix for it in sight.

And as for my pills, well, no iffy side effects to report so far. I do keep finding myself having a constant stream of really strong Yawning, which is strange. Otherwise all seems fine and dandy. Of course, being the researcher that I am, I did some digging around Google to see what I could find in regards to Bad Stuff © and it's pretty scary. Fret not my friends, everything like that on the web I read with a pinch of salt, but it would seem some people really suffered while on this med, while the withdrawl symptoms seem to be dire.

Won't worry about then. As long as the libido doesn't vanish ;)

Last but not least, expect a template change over the next few days (or hours, or minutes, depending on my boredom levels). My pre-beta template was almost perfect, but I've yet to find any decent Beta templates out there. All the standard ones are just that - standard - so I might fidget and fiddle around with some of them to see what I like most. There are a couple of lighter ones that I like, and a couple of the dark ones might be OK, but probably too dark.

We'll see - I might change them over and ask for your input, see which ones we like the most.

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2 Responses to “Chillin' Out”

Mark said...

Hey slow down, I had to set time aside today just to catch up on your mammoth blogs, so that's the side effect of your pills, fingers working 10 to the dozen. Great to see you back Dan. And Jo a really hot soak in a bath will ease the pain, my wife gets a trap nerve in her neck/shoulder quite often and that's her cure. Anyway I'm going on to much now. ;0)

Minge said...

I just want to hug you.