I've come to the following conclusions:

  • I'm tired every Friday
  • I suppose it's a week of HAVING to get up early, while adjusting to medication, coupled with being unable to get comfortable at night, and it reaches it's peak on Fridays.
  • Jaysen can't run through wet grass without getting ill
  • He's had a crap night and is now laying on the sofa with half-a-voice, a headache, and a very blocked nose. So he's off school and going to be bundles of germ-filled joy.
  • Jo's shoulder/back isn't going to be better "after a few days"
  • She can still hardly move her left arm, hurting to move in any direction, and is sleeping it off with painkillers.
  • I don't actually like ANY of the generic Blogger Templates
  • They're either WAY too coloured for me (remember, I'm colourblind), or one block of light/dull colours, so I don't see me winning until more templates are available.
  • I suck at keeping up with everything
  • Housework, laundry, cooking, pill times, phoning people, repairing things... Guess it's just me!
    So, as it stands today, Jo is asleep in bed, Jaysen is dozing on the sofa, Tam is still running around in her nightie, I'm half-dressed, and have yet to find a clear pair of jeans, the laundry is mounting (hence the "clean pair of jeans" issue!), and I'm going to stop fiddling with my blog template for the time being! I'm on Coffee #4 and have been up since 6.15am.

    Still, on the bright side, Gemma bought Amy over yesterday and I had lots of cuddles. And no, no broodiness here. She's huge as well, which makes me realise that Tam is in fact very diddly. Not as tiny as Bethy was, but she is dinky. Of course, the females on my side of the gene-pool are all dinky. Gemma is a short-arse, mum is a shorty, my half sister is a short-stack as well, as are both my grandmothers. Of course, aside from me and a distant great-uncle somewhere, no one in my family reaches 6ft.

    We had a tall milkman though, I seem to recall...

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    2 Responses to “Conclusions”

    Anonymous said...

    Dan is belittling himself here, he is keeping up amazingly in this house of chaos. The kids are clean and fed, the animals are as well.

    The house is never really tidy as we have far too much stuff and not enough space to accomadate it all, but it is nice and clean, so he's doing well there too.

    I'm between med times at the moment, trying (unsuccesfully) to push past the pain of my damn shoulder, its beyond a joke to be honest..

    But, my point was Dan is doing an amazing job as I'm sure all of you have guessed, despite his words here.

    Anonymous said...

    Jeez!!! You worried me there a bit... CLEAR Jeans???