Contrary To Popular Belief

Regardless what you might think, no matter what you might hear, no matter what my PR Department tell you, I cannot fix every single random computer problem that could/might/maybe crop up. I have less chance if I'm being told what the problem is down the phone. I have even LESS chance if I am speaking to someone who is in turn speaking to someone else on their phone.

Added to this, if you're having problems with a different piece of software other than windows, then it's even less likely that I will be able to solve your issue. Yes, granted I probably could "have a try" but in the end, it'll likely waste your time, but mostly, it'll waste MY time.

Last but not least, if I say "I don't know much - if anything - about that particular problem/item of hardware/error message/funny smell" it doesn't mean "But bring it over anyway and I'll waste my time looking at it!" it means "I have no clue".

Had to get that off my chest. Now to escape the house before someone phones with another "problem" they created by pissing around with system files.

PS: I am sure any of you that work on computers can relate to this, and even others with a trade that have people calling - Plumbers (I've got this leak...), Electricians (Something went bang...) and whatever else you do - I feel for you.

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5 Responses to “Contrary To Popular Belief”

Mark said...

OMG you say it sooo well!! and it's spookky cos that's what I going to talk about on my blog!! at least you didn't copyright the topc ;0)

Dan said...

Actually, Mr Mark, I should draw your attention to the very very end of this blog....

Looks like I'll be heading to Wales soon enough! hehe

Nancy Jensen said...

Don't forget about those in law enforcement. I swear, Karl and I have to hear every "I got a ticket and the officer was a jerk" story and is such-n-such against the law? Even family want to call and argue that they didn't deserve a ticket. Don't know why we never hear "I was in an accident and an officer helped me" stories. Also, since Karl does woodworking as a hobby everyone and their grandmas have to have Karl help them cut something or fix something... for free of course. ;-P

I guess it just goes with the territory. Whatever you are good at people are going to expect you to know EVERYTHING about it and put up with their whinning, right?

joansy said...

I suppose this is the good thing about limiting my practice to representing people facing the death penalty. It's pretty rare that a friend calls to ask if I can get her relative off of death row.

Nancy Jensen said...

Good point, Joansy... MOST of my friends wouldn't have family who would be on death row. But don't people ask you a zillion questions about your job? If not, then I can start.... lol