So, I made the post about shopping this morning, took Jaysen to school, went back to Ruths for my usual coffee+gossip while Jo woke up, and got a message from sleeping beauty - "We need to go into town".

Which means I didn't quite get away as scot-free as I might like. And in my manflu-state as well I should add. As usual, people are busy bustling, oblivious to the world around them, pushing through gaps they really can't fit through, rushing to newly-opened checkouts, and generally being ignorant to those around them.

It's the season of giving, alright. Giving me a headache.

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4 Responses to “Dagnabbit”

Anonymous said...

Pah! I *asked* you if you wanted to come to town with me, I knew you were hurting and having read your blog, didn't think you would want to, but at the same time I didn't just want to go off without giving you the choice.

So, its pretty much your fault that you went out today :pp

Nancy Jensen said...

Isn't it interesting how men can change the truth around to make them look good and women look bad? lol

joansy said...

Sorry Dan. I'm with Jo on this one. Though manflu is a great word.

Anonymous said...

I love the word "manflu"...

I'm sure the men in my family will quickly start using it!!
Terri ~ Las Vegas