Monday Already?

Days are not like buses, as they turn up, one after the other, without fail, and three do not arrive at the same time... However, I am sure that some days are long or shorter than others. Take last week for example. Monday rolled around, then 30 hours later it was Tuesday, two days later it was Wednesday, eventually it was Thursday, and finally, along with much rejoicing it was Friday, Friday evening and the weekend arrived. Last week dragged, and seemed to take forever to go anywhere. The upside of this was that the weekend too should in fact drag.

And yet all of a sudden, I am back to Monday. It's like I'm stuck in that stupid fricking Bill Murray movie, Groundhog Day.

The weekend was spent indoors (mostly), in the quiet (not mostly) without a care in the world (not at all). Saturday I was up early (duh), but Sunday I actually slept in till a massive 9am, where, once dressed, we face The Town (Bum-Bum-Buuuuum). More Xmas shopping, more food shopping, busy in general. And we blew up one of the automated checkouts in Asda, but still...

I've been pottering around on EvE Online mostly this weekend for a change, but also jumped on Warcraft last night to poodle around with Jo, and chatted to a friend on there most of the evening.

And then it's Monday.

Anyway, for those of you that know what it's like, a good friend of mine has had to take her son into hospital for the next stage of his heart surgery. Keep everything crossed for David - I know his mum, Rosie, is dreading it.

So, back to the grind I suppose. Maybe I'll keep entertained by sending and receiving text messages all day!

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One Response to “Monday Already?”

The Special Zipper said...

It is great to joke around and banter forming new friendships in the heartkid community. However this is where the jokes end.

Please pass on our thoughts and prayers from Down Under. We definitely know what it is like having heart surgery, even more so at Christmas time with both of Connor's surgeries to date having been in December and right near and in the first case over Christmas. All the best to David and his family.