Erm, "Oops," I Guess

Not completely sure where that week went. I've been busy again, but not sure with what. Jo has *cough* her monthly guest, so that's been as many barrels of fun as monkeys throwing poo at you. Thankfully, I have a fallout shelter in my wardrobe. OK, so it's just a wardrobe, but still... Luckily, where she was away from the weekend, she's been tired too, which means she's been asleep - More Sleep = Less Time To Kill Me. She has evil mind powers you know.

It's a female thing.

Mother Nature is playing games with us. September was glorious, October was warm and sunny... November 1st hit, and she woke up and thought "Haaaang on a fricking second - it's should be COLD!" and voila! Frost, North Winds, Rain. So that's fun. It's 7.20am and currently 2C outside. And no, I have no idea what that is for you Americanos. About 30-something I think.

Town is chaos. Seems Basildonia realised "Haaaang on a fricking second - it's Xmas in a few weeks!" and voila! Every prat is now shopping like it's going out of fashion. I might start celebrating MY New Year on January 29th (Chinese New Year), which means MY Xmas will be 22nd January.

Of course, January 2nd onwards becomes "I bought the wrong gift" or "Billy broke it, but we'll say it was already busted" returns hell.

Anyway... I've sort of missed out reading lots of blogs, apart from the occasional scan here and there, so I need to catch up. I notice I've been tagged to hell and back, so need to catch up on that. Plus I've missed a couple of Weekly Updates from the Blogsphere and Intarwebs, so will try get that sorted tomorrow.

However, with this weather, all I want to do is put on a jumper, eat lots and sleep till April.

I'm sure I will post later!

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