I'm currently trying to track down a scan of Bethany's "Best Magazine" article. When we lost Bethy, there was a huge number of condolences and obituaries sent into the local paper for her, which the girl doing them noticed (hard not to!) and let the newsdesk know. They'd run stories about her before, so probably knew of her a bit. They called us, and asked if we'd mind doing a story - we didn't, so they did. A couple of weeks later, a national press agency caught wind, and a womans mag contacted us and wanted to do an open letter about it. Jo and this reporter spent ages on it, and October 2005 saw Bethy on the front cover of the glossy, with a two-page spread inside. Minge mailed me last week and told me the strange story how he came across the article just a few weeks ago.

Very Bethany :)

I've asked my UK lot if any of them have the magazine and a scanner, as I've had quite a few requests for the article. As soon as I get it, I will post it on here somewhere. I considered writing it out for all to see - but the thought of re-reading it in depth... I'd rather get the scan!

I'll warn you now though - it IS sad. It occurs to me that I've been blogging again since AFTER it was published, so never mentioned it or advertised it here. I know a few of you have read it, so won't put it on the blog - I'll link it so you have to GO and read it ;)

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Nancy Jensen said...

Dan, I would love to see a copy of the magazine article and picture of Bethy. Someone, I think it was Emma, was going to try to mail a copy of the magazine to me but it must have gotten lost or something. I can't remember for sure who was nice enough to try to send it, but unfortunately, it never made it to my house.

I can imagine it would be extremely hard for you to re-type the whole article here so when you get it scanned, I'll follow the link and read it.

Also, love the reply that you sent to Minge regarding him posting about it. I can just imagine Bethy playing around with the magazine and getting the attention she deserves! :-) Maybe she's saying it's time to put it online.

And yeah, you guys are a pretty nifty family. ;-P

Minge said...

Nifty - the understatement of the century.

Stuart Wilson said...
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Nancy Jensen said...

I would have said amazing, outstanding, awesome, etc, but was afraid I'd embarrass Dan... and I'd never want to embarrass him... lol

Stuart Wilson said...

Let me try again...

We've still got the magazine. Thought we should keep it. I am scanning the pages as I write this and will email them to your hotmail account.

Laney said...

I'm looking forward to reading it. Bethy sounds like an amazing little girl. I can totally understand why you wouldn't want to type it out Dan.

The Special Zipper said...

We look forward to reading the article and learning more about Bethany. In my view I think you should put it on as a post but obviously we are happy to follow a link.

Great to see you back with your fabulous sense of humour.

Anonymous said...

Well Dan I do hope to see the article online soon. I agree nifty and amazing :)

Anonymous said...

Well, Dan 'ol boy, I thought I would do you a favor, and look for this particular magazine on eBay. You know what good friends eBay and I are.
So, I searched for "Best Magazine October 2005"; hmmm...quite the assortment. So, I added "18" to the lot. Here's just a bit of what came up:
Def Leppard Tour Book
People Magazines
Poker Mystery Box (and no, I don't know what that is, either)
Hollywood Movie Star Audition Photos (and no, I didn't peek)
Amy Grant Cd's (more than one!)
Harley Davidson motorcycle magazines
and, my personal favorite,
Ben Affleck Sexy Smoking Hunk photo-rare, hot

I was sorry not to find it on the USA eBay, but was very glad not to find anything about your sweet daughter in with that crowd!! Ha!