Not Enough Beauty Sleep

I'm not a sleeper, never have been a big sleeper, and more often than not, three or four hours of sleep will keep me going. However, after a couple of weeks of little sleep, everything starts to catch up. Today would appear to be the catchup day.

We had a late night last night, and then we laid in bed talking for well over an hour, and by the time I was comfortable, it was gone 3am. For some very obscure, peculiar reason, my minds eye kept flashing random - and I mean completely random images into my eyelids. It's hard to explain, but it sort of went from a fish in a top hat, to a close up of an ice cream cone, to a building, to a starfield, to something else random, to something else random, and so on. It didn't freak me out or anything, I imagine it's probably something to do with my increased Seretonin levels in my brain causing something to fire off randomly.

But it was very odd.

I bolted awake at 5.50am after a scary dream I don't remember, and laid in the dark quiet listening to my heart thump-thump-thump and my breathing to settle. I was scared, but I have no recollection of the dream whatsoever. Probably for the best.

Now I've staggered downstairs and am struggling to keep my eyes open, struggling to stop yawning, and thinking that as I've had three coffees already, there's no hope. When I get in from the school run, it's housework central, then around 1pm, we're going out for Jo's nans birthday meal, then it's school run, then dinner, then... Well, I am sure something else will crop up and prevent an early night.

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