Perpetual Motion

Much like this picture (original can by found here) by MC Escher, germs in this household go around and around until they either get bored of seeing my throat for the third or fourth time, or my body finally figures out how to combat them.

The bitching headache I had come on around lunchtime is well and truly rooted in the centre of my brain, and it hurts. I think this also explains why I've been shivering all day - even with my faithful Big Fat Jumper © that is stretched to buggery and tatty as hell, I'm cold. My throat is scratchy again so I suspect I am getting germy again.


Today, I've been mostly chatting on MSN (address on the right), hassling people across international borders, being told what someone isn't eating (I know... Blonde...) and generally had my feet up. I also came across a rather cool song, which you can see and hear with this link. Odd looking bunch, but still ;)

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