Bank Charges

I don't know about you chaps, but me, I live from one pay cheque to the next. And like a lot of people, we have to juggle our finances an awful lot - hold off on that bill to pay that one, skip that bill to eat, or even the not-so-smart, skip that bill so we can have some fun.

Invariably, we have bills fail in our bank account, but we suck it up and get on with it. The bank doesn't like these charges, and each time a bill fails, they hit us with a £39 "Bank Charge". I hate it. Usually we have to scrimp and scrape for a bit to get by because of that charge, and often, that charge will cause another bill to fail, giving us ANOTHER £39 charge. And so on.

Well, for all your UK residents out there that are as oblivious to the world as I am, it turns out that these charges are against the law. They can't legally apply them. And you know what else is cool. You can claim them back.

Over the last SIX years.

That means, if on average, I've been charged once each month, I could claim back over £2800.

Now of course, I don't actually have statements from that period, but none the less...

Now, if you go to this BBC Page it details how to do it. So I have, and will be posting my letter first thing tomorrow.

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3 Responses to “Bank Charges”

Mark said...

I have already started mine, but remember you have to be prepared to issue court proceedings although this is quite easy but does cost. Oh and they will send someone to argue the case. However as this method is now in the public domain you may find that they just pay the fees back without question.

Old statements well the bank will supply these although they will probably charge pretty ironic really considering.

The Special Zipper said...

Good on you all ... one for the public back on the greedy banks .. well they are here is Oz anyway and I imagine it is no different.

Laney said...

My Mum is at the court stage with this Dan. She has a date set for January. She stands to get a few grand back. We have a £4000 bank charges debt, from living week to week bouncing cheques and bills just to get by, due to paying so much maintenance for Ryan we couldn't afford to live. My Mum will hopefully be claiming mine back for me once hers has come through. They usually leave it until the day of the court date and then give in quietly. I know lots of people that have done it.
Good luck!