I love music - I sure you already knew that, but to reaffirm this fact, I love music. If I am at my computer, then nine times out of ten, I am listening to something on WinAmp (because I don't use any other mp3 player on my computer!). If I am out for more than a school run, I have my trusty mp3 player on me. There is music for every mood, be it if you need cheering up or want music to sulk to, if you're angry there's music to "get it all out" or if you're in a boppy, dancy mood, there's something for you too. Even if you've just got your feet up and you're relaxing, music is all you need.

Periodically over my blogging time, I upload a list of my entire collection, which invariably starts a rather interesting debate, ranging from "Oh my god, you like THAT?!" to "Why don't you have THIS on your playlist?" I know what I like, and that's that. I can happily listen to anything, and it's an ongoing joke amongst my friends that I am 30 years old and still listen to Dutch Trance on occasion. I like rock and pop, indie and grunge, classical and instrumental, dance and trance, old tracks and classic hits, and everything in between.

Well, almost everything. See, there is one type of music that drives me to insanity, that makes me want to remove my ears, and dunk my head into molten lead on the off-chance it will clog the sound entering my ear canal.

Country and Western. Seriously, how on Earth can you people listen to it? And then there's line dancing...

So anyway, if you want to have a peek at my playlist, then click on this very useful link - which I will also add to the sidebar for future reference. And if you want to make suggestions for things I might like, then go ahead. As long as there are no laments about missing his faithful horse, or the lover that is a sheriff, you're fine. Damn that guitar twang drives me nuts.

But I am always up for listening to something new - so make those suggestions!

And remember - some of this diabolical crap music belongs to Jo. Or the kids.

Edit: OK, for those that don't know, downloading CAN be against the law, and is still in and out the court systems. I think the people that generally get in trouble are the hard-core downloaders, the ones that do it 24/7, movies, songs, TV shows - everything. Of course, I can't say with 100% certainty WHO is targeted. If you want to download stuff, there is plenty of ways to do it. I generally use LimeWire, and have never downloaded anything with a virus, though you do occasionally end up with something labelled as "Band A - Song X" when it's actually "Band B - Song Y". Other than that, it's just a case of trial and error.

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