Help A Tourist

OK, if you're a Brit, or if you've been to London as a Sight-See'er or whatever, this is a call for assistance. Us British people know what it's like. You're bustling down a London street, and the obvious American stops you, and asks where they can find "Leicester Square" but pronounce it "Lie-Cess-Teeeer". Well, in a few weeks, that will be Joansy and Co, coming over from Las Vegas. They need things to do, places to go, objects to see, but despite how many times I've been to London, it's rarely been in a "Sightseer" category. Hospitals for me, hospitals for Bethy, travelling, meeting friends, but not often as a tourist.

If you check Joansys Post on the subject, you'll see things she's already had ideas for (and my long-ass reply!), but if you think of anything else she might enjoy, then post it on here or her blog. Using the places I've been, I can compile an ickle list, in no particular order:

  • The Natural History Museum
  • The Science Museum
  • The British Museum
  • The Tower of London
  • London Zoo
  • Trafalgar Square
  • Tower Bridge
  • Buckingham Palace
I'm drawing a bit of a blank on other places at the moment - it's a bit early still - but I am sure there are others of you that can help her out!

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9 Responses to “Help A Tourist”

Nancy Jensen said...

If I were to ever travel to London, I wouldn't want to visit the London zoo, would I? I mean, what does the London zoo have that most zoos around the world don't? Exotic animals from other contries? Oh wait... that would be every zoo in the US. hhhmmm.....

Do you have a list of castles that have tours? That's something Karl and I would want to see. And what about Hogwarts? That is number 1 on Jessica's list! ;-)

Minge said...

The London Eye and Cabinet War Rooms have always been highlights for Minge.

Laney said...

I would say the London Eye, Hampton Court Palace, Tower of London, Hyde Park, Covent Garden, Soho at night...Hmmm, can't think of any others right now.

Anonymous said...

Get outta London and visit Wiltshire !! Beautiful countrydside, and Stonehenge or its cheaper alternative Avebury, which incidentally has a cool haunted pub and on wednesday evenings several hundred motorbikes !! Oh and then you have the white horses, great big carvings in the hillsides all around Wilts , pretty cool looking :D

Designer outlet shopping in Swindon, plus a railway museum in what used to be the old railway works...

Salisbury Plain where if you are really lucky you can get shot at by the british army :D

Errrrrmm think thats it !!

Anonymous said...

Oh, I hope someday the three of us can come over there for a visit. I've never left this country...
I have been to Hawaii once!

Terri ~ Las Vegas

joansy said...

Thanks Dan and Dan's friends!
Is a reliable source on pubs?
Any favorite restaurants?
I appreciate the help.

Anonymous said...

I'd visit the slides, if nothing else, at the Tate Modern, and have a wander around the National Gallery - you can choose whether or not to avoid being shat on by the pigeons by Trafalgar Square.

The Special Zipper said...

Sorry mate ... I can't remember what was worth seeing ... you see I didn't get the chance cause someone in the family generations back stole a damn slice of bread or something and got us sent down under!

Anonymous said...

whatever they do, don't go to the aquarium, its rubbish.