My Little Man

Yes, I am playing catchup. Cue the flurry of posting activity!

Monday saw Jaysen hit eight years old. Seriously, where the heck does the time go? It doesn't seem that long ago that me, him and Jo lived in our little flat, and the little monster wouldn't sleep, so Baby Jay and Daddy spent many a night on the sofa, dozing quietly so mummy could catch some Z's.

I can say with 100% honesty that I am proud at how good a kid he is turning out to be, unlike others in his school. He is kind, friendly and helpful, and has a good outlook on life - despite the things he's been through over the last few years. I can't ask for any more than that. He is loved by the family, and well liked by his friends. Don't get me wrong - he can be an infuriating little wotsit, or appear to be as smart as a boiled ant, but I dare any parent to tell me their child does NO wrong!

So, to Jaysen, my little man. I hope you continue to grow and develop as the perfect little boy. We both love you lots, you little klutz you.

(And I will be posting photos a little later!)

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One Response to “My Little Man”

The Special Zipper said...

Firstly Dan, I must correct your post for the public's information ... you aren't really that top bloke who jumped on the lounge with consideration to give Jo a rest ... you were booted out by your women. (hehe)

Told you your time would come .. I've been waiting in the cyber background to pounce ...

Glad to see you are not one of those parents who say "no .. little Johny didn't do that" as they get the wool pulled over their eyes. Of course they are going to get up to some mischief .. didn't we all?

Look out for the double figures coming up realllllll soon.