Even More Tagging

It's been a busy week of tags, stealing tags and sending/receiving tags. So on this cold, frosty, foggy morning, how about a little more insight into yours truly. There are two different memes here, the first being "Five Things About Me You Don't Know", and the second one "Six Strange Things About Me".

I stole the first from India Knight - she was going to tag people, but I think she forgot, so Yoink! I've done that a lot lately.. Hmmm. Anyway, the second came after I spent half an hour clicking the "Next Blog" button, trying to find something interesting to read. There are a vast amount of Spam or Foreign Language blogs out there, most of which are just single entries and then nothing. I feel the need, the need to read! hehe

Five Unknown Things (Stolen from India Knight)

“Five Things That People Do Not Generally Know About Me”

1. On the day of my sisters Christening, I stood at the top of the steps leading up to the church and dropped my trousers. I refused to put them on again, and wandered around naked from the waist down. There is photographic proof.

2. I am a fairly quiet and shy person "in the flesh" with most people until I get used to them. The phone scares me, and social situations terrify me. When guests leave the house, I have to run to the toilet.

3. I enjoy watching people go about their lives, be it sitting in a café window, waiting for a bus, or watching them on a webcam. Reading blogs is another form of interacting with their lives from afar.

4. When I wash up, it has to be done in a very specific order, by type and size. Mugs on the draining board must have all their handles pointing in the very same direction or they won't dry properly.

5. I hate smoke, but the smell of a certain cigar fills me with calm and happy memories, and makes me smile.
People will invariably disagree completely with #2 on that list, in regards to me being quiet and shy. It's true, I promise, regardless of how much grief, heckling and general evilness I send in everyone elses direction!

Six Weird Things (Found while blog-wandering)

1. When I drink Tea, I have to have the teabag left in the cup.

2. I cannot tell a lie without giggling like a schoolgirl.

3. When in bed, I have to lay on my back with a leg bent to rest, but can ONLY get to sleep on my left side. I also have to sleep against the wall, so the bed must be in a corner. I also need some form of physical contact with Jo to be able to settle.

4. If I cannot be at my keyboard, I pick my fingers until they bleed.

5. When I am talking, my brain will insert random words in place of normal words. A sentance like "We need to go into town to buy some milk" might come out as "We need to go into roof-slates to buy some milk". Sometimes I can't form coherent sentences at all. It's worse when I am tired or hurting.

6. I will rearrange someones dirty dishes so they are tidy, and rearrange their drying dishes so they are in the correct order. Mugs will be rearranged by size, with handles pointing the same direction so they dry properly.
I'm anally retentive, things have to be just *so* and my odd habits are, well, odd. Or "0dd" to be more on-theme! Only one of my friends is as retentive as me!

Consider yourselves tagged. Again.

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