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Wow, is it seriously Christmas is just four days? You know what, I am actually sort of looking forward to it this year. Generally, I've never been much of an Xmas person, especially since being an adult, but fingers crossed this is going to be a good one.

All is cold and frosty here in Sunny Basildon. At least, I assume it is, as the fog is preventing me seeing much. Needless to say I got out of bed to go to the loo and shot downstairs to my friend the thermostat. Less Brrrr, More Ahhh. I was up at six this morning, wandering the web, checking mails, doing my usual daily rituals. However, I didn't need to perform said-rituals, as Jaysens last day at school was yesterday. That, and his grandparents kidnapped him last night so he could stay at theirs. They were over last night, and upon leaving at 1130pm, Jaysen went with them.

Buh-bye now, cya later!

So, with no school, I could have slept in till ten, eleven this morning. But that's the realm of women-sorts. Us long-haired manly men are up with the, er, rooster (guess which word I almost used there!) playing on our computers, drinking tea. And building barns. And stuff.

Checking the StatCounter this morning showed someone searching for "badger minge song video", not to mention "Yaar Har Fiddle-de-Dee!" seems popular again. Not sure what I am dribbling on about? Well my friend, educate yourself.

StatCounter has also been showing me something interesting over the last few weeks. The site that is referring me more than any other is... Other Emmas Cbox? Sometimes Joansy gets close, and occasionally Mark or the old blog URL, but it is ALWAYS that particular Cbox at the top. Very 0dd.

Also in the World a la Dan, this bloody great desk is doing my head in, so we're shifting it off to a friend over the weekend and getting me a new, smaller one. I want to see out the window, mainly, but this desk block a third of that and it's set too-far back. Fussy eh? hehe

Now I just need to shift this absolute bitch of a headache sometime soon. Bloody thing won't leave me alone.

Oh, forgot to add. For you American-sorts: Boxing Day. Usually the day after Xmas Day, but as for it's origins, it seems we don't know ourselves... I found a Wikipedia entry for you to read over, but some of you English/Convict sorts might want to check it too, to see why we get an extra day of Christmas!

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2 Responses to “Random Musings”

Nancy Jensen said...

Thanks for answering my question about boxing day and posting the link. Everything is clear as MUD now.... lol ;-)

So tell me, how do YOU and your family celebrate boxing day?

The Special Zipper said...

Us convict types probably don't know where the holiday comes from but heh .. it makes two straight so I wouldn't ask too many questions.

Actually we do have some discussions about its origin every couple of years and I'm still none the wiser. I hit your link now and take a gander (look)