Slowly But Surely...

Christmas is creeping towards us. Of course, the people in town today seem to think that the world is ending tomorrow, and will be desolate for what appears to be a month. People buying twenty pints of milk, a dozen loaves of bread, the worlds supply of loo roll - and so on.

We didn't want to go into town, but had to - there was nothing we could do to avoid it, though if a certain person was a REAL friend she would have done as I asked her this morning, but noooo I had to go. So nuts. On the bright side, Jo got me another pressie. The last couple of weeks I've been complaining about my wooden cockpit (minds out the gutter) - takes up room, too much space, too much dust, blocks the window. I am, of course, referring to my desk. As much as I love it, it's just... excessive. So we hunted the web, saw some nice ones, and collected my new one today.

Of course, I don't get to set it up yet, no no. Firstly I have been doing computer repairs ALL DAY LONG. Person X - remember him - well his computer decided to just give up the ghost, but not one for being beaten, I set it up on it's on while I fixed the other two. Install, reinstall, fiddle around, windows update, no worries - however.

There's always a but. It would seem Person X has been the victim of what I can only describe as a lightning strike. Aside from his graphics card, every single item of the computer is dead, fried, and knackered. I have no idea what has happened to it, what he has done to it or how it happened, but I have spent the ENTIRE poxy day dismantling, rebuilding, re-dismantling, re-rebuilding, re-re-dismantling, and then testing every single component one by one on Jo's computer. It was literally "dead", "dead", "dead", "oooh workin-no, dead"...

So, I just got off the phone to him. It's worse than that, it's dead Jim, all over again. He was not best pleased, but you know what, I wasn't too bothered. I'm good, but not THAT good. So, I gently suggest "Go to a shop and get a proper computer!" He then said something that made me think I don't feel even remotely bad, screw you! He said to me "Ah well, it's OK, I've got a couple of grand in the bank"


So my entire day twatting around on his computer, achieving NOTHING could have been avoided if I had told him it was dead, piss off. After all, it's nice to be loaded.


Anyway, things are slowly going from messy to manic, and the social calendar is filling. I don't think I have a free day till New Year. 2008. If you're a hitman, might I suggest you pay a visit to Person X. Tis the season, after all...

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3 Responses to “Slowly But Surely...”

debbie said...

Oh Dan,
What an arse Person X is, if you had only said NO in the first place you would not have wasted your time on him, as for saying scew you to you Dan, thats just Nastiness in a Bottle.. Hope he never wants any favours done again


Laney said...

I shall be sending Person X some nasty voodoo vibes for you Dan. I'm also wishing food poisoning on them for Christmas Day. :)

The Special Zipper said...

Any parts you can sell on eBay as part fee for your services .. did he supply that new Hard Drive?

Or in truth .. I worked it out .. there not really all fried .. you have already sold them all and just told him there fried ... careful Dan .. that's how we got sent to Australia. Must get off this convict theme sometime!!