What A Mess...

So, when you're tired, aching, have a headache and generally half-knackered, what's the best thing to do? That's right! Relocated two entire rooms!!

As I might have mentioned before, our computers are currently in what SHOULD be our dining room - we have a large kitchen/diner, so the dinner table fits in there too. Before then, we used to have them in the box-bedroom. We ended up with a lodger, plus a spare PC, so four computers didn't fit, hence the massive task of getting it all downstairs.

So, a few years later, Jo wants it back the original way and has been going on and on about it for months as only a woman can. Today, she mentioned it in passing, and I thought "RIGHT!" and set to stripping rooms, furniture, boxes, bags, wires, network... First task was to shift Jaysens room up to what was Bethy's room (Well, it is STILL her room, but you know what I mean!), as Jaysen likes to sleep up there. The computers are now up in the backroom - rather, they should be, but mine isn't wired up yet, Jo is now on a school run, and the dining room looks like someone emptied a skip in there.

Chaos is not even close to explaining it.

Anyway, once Jo is back and my little helper Tam has decided to stop climbing onto my desk, I'm going to crack on, but suspect this is going to be a late-night jobbie. I am hot, I am sweating and I am in a fair bit of pain, but meh.

This does mean you lose the sights of Long Riding on the webcam You're more likely to see the gardens of Basildon, or me. Tough choice eh ;)

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One Response to “What A Mess...”

Gretchen said...

Instead of the 101 things we need to do this weekend, "we" have decided to paint the stairway.

Fortunately, my parents will be in town - Grandma takes the kids and Grandpa helps out...