Another Minor Change

Once again, I've been messing with code from "Behind the Scenes" as it were. You, the reader, won't notice anything until I slap out a big post (or maybe decide to go back over the front page and edit these posts), but in order to keep the blog a wee bit more tidy, I've added some code to make "Peek-A-Boo Posts".

Now, assuming it works, the longer posts I make will have a "Read More" link in them which will expand the entire post, so the long ones - ie, the spammer - will look two/three paragraphs, but actually be ten or twenty :)

If it causes problems or is a general P.i.t.A I'll revert it back. I don't see it causing any hassle, and should, in the long run, make the blog look neat, tidy and well laid out for a change.

In regards to WordPress, don't fret. If I do decide to get my own domain and webspace, I'll probably end up sticking with Blogger as the knobs and whistles at WP are all new to me - at least with Blogger I can sit down and post without any nasty surprises or changes! I couldn't figure out (in the five minutes I looked) how to put a post-image on there! hehe

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