Attracting The Crazies Again...

As has been mentioned before, me and Jo have this "knack" of attracting, well, odd people. Some are as mad as a box of frogs, while others are sane as they come till something makes them hit the city limits of Looneytown. Today, on the way home from school, I met up with one of the few other dads that walks to and from school. He's a nice enough chap, but certainly has a few screws loose - I suspect he's even had one of those loose screws plop down the loo.

So, we chatting in true Brit fashion, "How about this weather?" and suchlike, when he starts to tell me he's tired because of the amount of weed he smoked last night. Ooookay, not sure where that came from, being that I don't smoke normal cigarettes, let alone ones with Extra Added Fun (c). I chuckle and nod and make a non-commital statement, and he carries on, telling me prices he pays, weights he and his wife smoke, then comes the whole "It should be made legal" subject, hotly followed by the "And because of all the police interest in it, it's driving prices up."

This rather strange chap then goes into great detail, explaining the cannabis economy to me - cause and effect, imports vs. exports, dealers vs. growers... And I'm walking along really not sure what to say. I wouldn't have minded if he had said something like "Can I buy/Do you want some?" but no, he was just making conversation, and disgusted that the police target cannabis users and ignore crack houses.

A few days ago, I had someone else telling me about the price differences of it around the country, depending on where you get it determines how much it costs, and a few days before that someone called Jo to ask if she knew any that could get some. I mean, helloooo!

So we're ten days into the new year, and I've already had my first run in with the residents of Crazy Street. Can't wait to see what else the year brings, but if the trend continues, it'll be drug-based, despite neither of us using it! hehe

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4 Responses to “Attracting The Crazies Again...”

Terri@SteelMagnolia said...

Too bad you didn't tell him "that was interesting" ... and you were an undercover copper copper crime stopper!

Minge said...

I'm sorry, I think that that post was supposed to be serious, but I was laughing, out loud, the whole time.

Stuart Wilson said...

How odd!! I had someone start talking to be about how many acres of land he had once here in Evesham while I was waiting outside a shop for Michelle. Not quite the same thing though eh Dan?

Nancy Jensen said...

Dan, it looks like you could start a little side business there!

No, not as a drug dealer - as an undercover cop! Geesh, I thought you knew me better than that.