It's A Bit Damp...

Yuck. To say "I just got caught in a storm" would be a serious fricking understatement. As all Brits know, the whole country is under severe weather warnings for today and the next few days. If I hadn't watched any news, weather report or anything else, I would have STILL known this, but the fact things keep blowing past the windows, there are dead trees over, fence panels missing - generally horrible wind.

But just as I stepped out the front door to do the afternoon school run, someone decided it'd be amusing to add rain into the mix. Rain I can handle. High winds I can handle. Mix the two though, and it's just... wow. My storm jacket soaked through, my jeans soaked through onto my boxers, my trainers leaked through onto my socks.

Honestly, I am sitting here freeing cold, hair tied back and wet, no jeans just boxers. My coat and shoes are in the airing cupboard. And no doubt I'll have to do it all again tomorrow morning.

In other news, I am on the webcam around about now. My hair is tied back, but thanks to Camstreams lowering the quality of the stream, it's too grainy to make out my new glasses!

Yes, my new glasses are now in my posession, and it's amazing how much of a novelty it is to read far-off signs without having to squint. I can see faces in crowds, I can read labels, and I can read my screen without having to slouch forwards! hehehe I'll try get some pictures up a bit later - might have to get Jo to take the pictures if I can handle it, being that I am as photogenic as a dogs bumhole.

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One Response to “It's A Bit Damp...”

Nancy Jensen said...

"I am sitting here freeing cold, hair tied back and wet, no jeans just boxers. "

What a picture you must be! Now I have to go poke out my mind's eye! GEESH!