Crap Night

Most nights, I don't sleep much, some nights I am so uncomfortable that my tossing and turning keeps Jo awake - who in turn has an equally shite night. Bad Night by Proxy, I believe should be the term. After night before last being a crappy one as well, we hit the sack early again last night - 8.30pm. Tam had nodded off but woke up again and was less than a happy bunny. We watched the rest of the Fellowship of the Ring, while Tam had the hump and refused to settle - I'm pretty sure she's got some big back teeth coming in.

Once the movie finished, we tried to sleep but to no avail. I was hurting (despite being on my meds) and me fidgeting made Jo fidget. Tam finally flaked on my side of the bed, so me and Jo switched places. I nodded off and woke up thinking "It must be getting on for 5am when it was only just after one. Tam kept getting night frights and jumping away crying and sobbing, Sally and Miguel were faffing around on the bed, Jo was up and down peeing (as only women can),. and generally, it was crap.

This morning we're like the living dead. Jo just climbed out of bed with Tam at 10am, me and Jaysen were nearly late to school, we've got to wait in for someone to come and sort our electric meter, and I have to be in town just after midday to get my new glasses.

So no rest for the wicked, as it were...

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