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Bless Alan over in Ireland, he's obviously losing the plot, but as with all old people, I nod, smile and humour them. See, the wee Irish chap has tagged me (and yes, in reality I do tend to enjoy them as they make me think!), but I don't have the heart to point out to him that I've done this tag before. I can understand his confusion - I mean it was only three weeks ago. The Christmas Spirit must have left him with one hell of a hangover ;)

Despite this, I will reveal MORE unknown or little known facts about myself. It's not like I've not got skeletons in my closet. If I had a closet, that is ;) I had to burn it as it was overflowing with old bones...

Five (More) Little Known Facts About Dan:
  • I always wanted to be a Fireman, and growing it was my ultimate dream - until my optician pointed out that as I was colourblind, it would never ever happen. I was crushed, and kinda flitted and farted around with careers.

  • To the annoyance of everyone within earshot, I am more than capable of listening to one song over and over and over, and generally only switch it off if I get that look or moaned at. When Jo is away for the weekend, I can listen to one song the entire time and ignore Jaysens protests as he's only a kid!

  • When me and Jo are *cough* being intimate or messing around - from kissing to, ah, everything else - I still blush, my ears flare red, and I get shy, even after all these years.

  • I hate hate hate people I refer to as "toppers". When you tell a story of something interesting or impressive you've done, they have to blatently lie and try to one-up you. For example, I used to walk to work every day, six days a week, three miles there, three miles home, and it took me just under an hour. One chap we used to know decided he walked four miles to and from work, seven days a week and it took him 40 minutes. We all looked at one another, until his brother said "No you don't you work five minutes down the road..." We LOL'd.

  • Until last year, I had never "done" any form of illegal drug in my 30 years of life, until a friend made some special, extra-strong brownies. Three of us ate them - one person had one, and threw up; one person had two, and flaked out on the sofa; I had three, and spent the evening looking after the puker and making sure the sleeper was OK, while I felt no effects what so ever. Pah.
And that, as they say, is that! Outward tagging as usual goes to any/all of you that read and want to do this!

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One Response to “Tagged - Five Useless Facts About Me”

Alan said...

Well exccuuussseee me!

Arent' we a grump!