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Holy crap is this week dragging... Is it really only Tuesday? Pah.

Anyway - had my eyes tested yesterday as my doc thinks these constant headaches and weekly migraines are due to my glasses not being strong enough. It's true, without that I can't see much at all, and with them things are still a bit fuzzy. The optician was very nice yesterday and very thorough, eye test, retina scan, also checked to see if there was any underlying problem that could be causing the headaches. All seemed OK, aside from something odd in my left eye that I've heard about before.

Several years ago, and again yesterday, I was asked about surgery on my left eye, as at the back, this chap and the one before both saw what they consider to be "surgical scarring" on my retina (the bit at the back). I don't recall ever having surgery or even injuring an eye. I called my mum, and she said all she can think of is an episode of Dan-Down-The-Stairs when I was three, and had a black eye for several weeks. But no idea really.

I collect two pairs of glasses tomorrow - normal and sunglasses. Both are very nice and kinda wide rectangles, but hard to explain. £75 a pair, extra for tinting and so on - but because I am partially broken, we get a discount! Yay!

Been pretty busy the last couple of days and the nights have been strange - Tam is once again refusing to sleep, and is up till stupid time in the early hours - she was pissing around till 1am this morning, 3am the night before, so me and Jo are knackered.

Been watching movies again to pass the time as everything seems pretty quiet of late. Fellowship of the Ring again, Payback again, Shanghai Noon again, Gone in Sixty Seconds again... All good movies. We also watched Kingdom of Heaven night before last, and while it was a good epic-on-a-large scale movie, it kinda jumped and farted around. Not bad, but not up there with Gladiator.

And as for the popup issue that people are reporting, I've found the culprit. The Cbox has a popup clause for it's free boxes, but will only serve one per person, per day. I'm looking for a way around it, but might change the software to something else. Again, if I hosted my own page, it'd be easier.

Tim, to answer your question - the counter covers hits, not individuals :)

So, another day, another school run. Not sure if I am going to have a gossip again this morning like I do most mornings - if not, I'll be back in a couple of hours to irritate the world!

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3 Responses to “Just, Stuff”

The Special Zipper said...

thanks Dan .. that obviously means all us using cbox are having the same issues I guess?

On the counter, I moved to my current counter as the counter I was using (the same as you now) kept running out (100 records) and didn't seem to be updating sometimes.

However if I changed back I would be able to set a starting point from where it is at now (unique visitors which I think is silly as what about the good people that come back again .. sometimes every couple of days or daily).

The Special Zipper said...

Oh and hopefully you are right about the retina and it was from an injury ... otherwise I think we need to call in Fox and Scully and check the X Files ...

Dan said...

Aye, the free version of StatCounter only saves 100 records, but then, I check my a couple of times a day so I generally see everything, and if not, meh, no loss ;)

And wouldn't that be call in Mulder and Scully? hehe Funny thing is, I mentioned to Jo "Maybe it was aliens", as did our friend Ruth, my mum, and our neighbour! hehe

Hope I didn't get The Probe.