A New Level of Geek

I'm a bit worried about my mental health. See, as is common knowledge, I am a geek. A big, fat, technobabble, fiddle-with-gadgets, doesn't-read-the-manual, Geek. I'm proud of it, don't care who knows it, relish in the fact that people break stuff, and come to me for help. Unless they bug me. But still. I've had dreams from Dungeons and Dragons games, I had dreams from computer games - ranging from Half Life to Doom to Warcraft, and I've even had pictures of female characters from computer games on my walls.

But last night was a new low, even for me. See, I had a nightmare, stemming from something innocent Jo did yesterday. She was fiddling around with one of these WeeMee things - an MSN image you make of yourself. Final step was "Download and Install" so she did - and it dumped a bucket of spyware on her computer. No biggie, got it off, removed the nasty, job done.

Last night, I had a dream that I came downstairs in the morning, both computers had crashed, and all our data was being eaten. It was one of these "woke in a cold sweat" dreams where I had to battle to save our computers. All because Jo had installed a weeny bit of spyware.

I wonder if I should unplug for a while................. pfft.

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5 Responses to “A New Level of Geek”

Terri@SteelMagnolia said...

If I were you... I would feverishly start posting on your blog and comment on other peeps blogs!!!!!

Nancy Jensen said...

Terri is right! That's the only way to solve such a nightmare. You'd better get started and FAST!

Mark said...

Dan it's time to power down for a while, you have the Y2K bug big time, long leather couch and Jo feeding you grapes time my boy!!

Gretchen said...

Oh dear. Keep posting!

I've been dreaming of competing in triathlons.

Alan said...

As geeky as I am, I've never had nightmares or dreams about technology.

This is bad