Reading 0ddness Elsewhere

For those of you that read 0ddness through something other than the main Blogger page, there has been a slight twist in your subscription - which probably means you have to resubscribe. Previously, they were being fed via Atom, but now Blogger has introduced proper RSS, I've changed the feed to the friendlier format - just click the "Subscribe to 0ddness" and it should add it to a reader for you.

If you have MyYahoo as a main information page, you can also add this blog to your front page now, using the buttom at the bottom right that says "+ MyYahoo"

I know before the feed changed over, I only had a few people subscribe to it from elsewhere - ten or so - but for those ten, this might make things both easier, and update on a more regular basis - instead of getting that 2-5 hour delay from when I post to when it picks up the new entry!

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One Response to “Reading 0ddness Elsewhere”

debbie said...

I get yours through having it saved in My favs although that little Icon has gone orange, and its normally grey,,

but think its comming to me via blogger