Somewhere, A Village Is Missing Their Idiot

There are, in the world, some people that really believe the crap that goes on in their mind. You have people go on killing sprees because "God told them to do it", people killing others of a race or religion because they "believe it is right" and there are people that are just generally mental. And by mental, I don't mean sitting down and rocking in a padded room, but mental as in, they write all kinds of crap and believe it to be either funny, interesting, helpful, or whatever.

Some of these idiots somehow manage to find AND use a computer, and then figure out how to get on to the In'Tar'Web and even more amazing, is that they manage to spout their rubbish where ever they get the chance. Some people read it, shake their head, and move on. Some people label them trolls, and still others consider replying, but don't give them the time of day. Then there are the people like me, that honestly couldn't care less if someone is a troll, if someone is doing it for attention, or f they threaten me with the wrath of doom.

So Dan, why the rambling post thus-far? Well, early today, Nancy posted something she found on a Heart-Defect newsgroup (think mailing list with different options) that made a few of us pissed off, angry or just shaking their head in disbelief. I read it and had to smirk. This person has posted something that is frankly an amazing view on something that is close to home. Enjoy.


The real cause of heart defects.

The doctors want us to believe that heart defects are caused by some sort of medical condition. They're wrong. They just tell us that because they know they can get their greedy hands into out bank accounts.

Heart defects are caused solely by demons. The heart is the symbol of love, and it's proper functions are controlled by "God" or good spirits, (whatever you believe in). A heart goes awry when an evil or angry spirit invades it. People who do not share, do not spend their life doing good, or who become too self centered are the ones whose hearts are taken over by these evil demons. Once this demon enters the heart, the damage begins. They start by blocking the flow of blood, or damaging the hearts functions in other ways. This condition worsens and eventually these demons take total control of the heart. Soon, the persons body begins to deteriorate and fail. When the demon takes complete control of the heart, the good spirits leave and the demon is in control of this heart and the body it keeps alive.

There is no way that surgery does any good. The demons must be removed by the heart owner. However, there are times it's too late. The person no longer has control of their own body and the demons now own the person. These people die. Those that still have some of the good spirits are able to heal themselves. The surgeons do nothing, in fact they often do more damage than good. Some people report feeling better after heart surgery and this may be the case. However, the better feelings are caused by the prayers these people receive from friends and relatives during the surgical procedures, NOT by the surgery itself.

The solution is preventative medicine. Be in control of your life, live a life of love and these evil demons will not enter the body. This is the only sure method to prevent heart defects.

Now, I know what you're thinking, especially those of you that remember my run in with the Crazy Religious Nut last May, but this idiot - I HAD to reply to him. I didn't hide my name, who I was or where I was from or anything - I ripped into him. However, being as smart as I am, I lost the message I sent to him, so I can't show my reply. But it was scathing, and I even invited him here so he could see your comments if you want to make any. You can see his actual thread here.

But don't worry - he's probably a spotty 19 year old living in his parents basement.

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9 Responses to “Somewhere, A Village Is Missing Their Idiot”

The Special Zipper said...

Being religious this really, really pisses me off .. and if you are going to author something like this, where's your background of your own experience.

Now whilst the whole thing could be dismissed as crazy arsed crap, as much as I shouldn't even read a bit I'd like to point a things out.

No. 1 - How does a 1 day old baby or baby in utero "not share, do good in their life" you absolute loser.

Secondly, gee I seem to recall there are a shitload of hardened criminals, coke/heroin addicts etc you get my drift .. that have babies without a heart defect or CHD ... you logic here you idiot.

Sorry for the strong language but we live every day waiting for Connor's next surgery. We have got through and religious or not, we have had some amazing recoveries when things were borderline survival.

We know another surgery is coming, and another after that and so on .. we live with the shadow that Connor may not be with us following one of these surgeries.

This person is very damaging to christianity or religion of any type .. obviously very very non mainstream ... perhaps the demons have taken them. I pity this person.

Laney said...

Sounds like something Ryan's Mum would say. I know there are nuts in all walks of life, but I especially hate religious nuts.

Seeing Demons in random objects and people, when really the evil is in THEM, is just deluded and just a teensy bit schizophrenic.

The Special Zipper said...

You will see my emotional response was so strong my grammer was quite poor .. apologies.

We live each day with our child that it might be our last .....
Whilst I would imagine the person could be removed from the list, I think the better thing would be to sit them in an Intensive Care Unit where babies return from heart surgery battling for their lives ... they have certainly sinned their asses of in their first 24 hours of life .. and don't try to blame the parents .. it doesn't ware with my previous points.

Then, as per Dan's suggestion, sit down and read the long list of responses that this is going to generate. I think this person needs to be apologising in a big way and seeking forgiveness themselves.

I hope this generates global response as I'm sure the person can be directed here .. yes by all of us .. note the hotmail address at the top of the page.

Dan .. I will also be sending this person a message and posting about it to send more people to your site to add to the comments.

ANGRY ... I have steam coming out of my ears .. I can't imagine the anger you have.

Terri@SteelMagnolia said...

I second Tim,

this guy is certainly out of his happy ass mind ....(his cheese has slid off his cracker) What a fruit loop!!

My husband says that this guy needs to read a good book called,

debbie said...

That person isn't even worth talking about!!! Waste of Breath,,

Emma said...

Unsure whether to start crying ,swearing or be as ill as reading that made me feel but have to agree with Debbis I think - the ignorant twat isn't worth my time!

Nancy Jensen said...

Wow Dan, you took my little finding and ran with it. I sure would have liked to see what you wrote to him. I figure that he's a clueless twit who doesn't have a leg to stand on.

I blogged about him then realized you had beat me to it! LOL! That's what I get for going back to bed after only 3 hours of sleep last night.... ermm... early this morning, actually.

Anybody who wants to read what I said about him is welcome to come to my blog too. The more the merrier. In fact, Dan, feel free to send his sorry duff my way too.

The Special Zipper said...

Had a sudden thought .. perhaps this lost soul is actually in some kind of grieving defensive mode and lost a child. It is pretty clear they do not like surgeons almost suggesting an experience they have had.

I have now also blogged about the post .. good work Nancy and Dan and I actually wonder if they need help of a different kind to what I would have initially thought

Minge said...

What a pile of ridiculous shit.

There was a programme on C4 last night about Tourette's Syndrome. A guy was spouting off, saying if these people believed in God, they'd be cured.