After what can only be described as a "rather long week", Friday has finally bowled around. Of course, my Friday started at just after midnight when we turned off the DVD player and settled down for sleep. I then was up and about at 2am for the obligatory "drink and quick email check" before heading back to bed, and then again at 4am when I woke up.

And then decided to get up at 4.50am. Why? Because I was awake, and once awake, that's that.

For reasons unknown to everyone - myself included - I didn't seem to stop yesterday. It was literally one thing after another, from Jaysen getting mud-splattered BEFORE school, to housework, messing with the blog template, more housework, shops, school run, more housework, then having Ruth and her girls over for dinner, some more housework, then an early night. Which meant watching Van Helsing on DVD in bed.

This past couple of weeks, things have been busy one minute, then rushing around the next, what with the lead up to the 21st and all. Now it's behind us, I do feel a bit better, but just need to wake up a little more first ;) Tam is currently addicted to Kids DVDs, which means we're watching Shrek 1 & 2, The Incredibles, Lilo & Stitch, Finding Nemo, Babe, the Spongebob movie, Scooby Doo, Treasure Planet, Robots... Over and over. I know the script for both Shrek movies, The Incredibles and Nemo they've been on so much.

For more grown-up entertainment, we're still watching Heroes which, as mentioned before, is a bloody excellent program. I think it started over here last week on one channel or another, but sod that. Granted, we're having to watch it one-per-week now that we've caught up with the States, but still, we can watch the previous episode if need be. If you've not been watching it, you should be.

So, with the last day of the week upon us, and Jaysen due up for school at some point this morning, I think I should see a coffee pot about a wake up cure.

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3 Responses to “F-F-Friday!”

Nancy Jensen said...

Dude, try 18 years of kiddy videos playing again and again and again. My "little" girl has to watch her videos, DVDs and TV shows.

Now you know why she has a TV/VCR combo and a DVD player in HER room.

And like Tam, Miss Jess doesn't go to school. (OK, she's gone 3 times since August), but it's rare that she goes out and I'm here in a quiet home.

But I wouldn't trade her.

g-man said...

Should get "Cars" I like to watch that one, and like you it is over and over again. My other favs. are "The Incredibles" and "Robots". Nemo is good too. It sure beats "the Wiggles" I havn'r seen Treasure planet yet, but liked the promos.

I am waiting for Heros to come on DVD so I can watch in interrupted and at my leisure. (read when I have time).

Dan said...

Nancy - For some reason that is still beyond me, we decided it'd be a good idea to put the TV/DVD next to my computer - so I sit midway between bored and engrossed in kids movies over and over... I think all the old Clash of the Titans/Sinbad and suchlike will scare her... Pah.

Gman - Cars I want, but haven't gotten around to buying yet. Incredibles and Robots I do enjoy, but over and over tend to... grate. And yes, Heroes is well worth it - I tend to get TV shows on DVD to watch one after the other. Once a week? Pffft.