Flu-Monia, or "Yes, We're Sick"

Yes folks, it finally happened. The dreaded Manflu has ungone a change on a genetic level, and has become the dreaded Flu-Monia. I feel like someone has actually kicked me in every part of the body, that someone has gone my internal thermostat and is cranking it up to "Sweat you fatty!" and dropping it all the way down to "Brass Monkeys!" in quick succession. I am also acting as the human vibrator with shivering and suchlike which is equally fun.

You should consider yourselves lucky you're not getting detailed snot descriptions. Suffice to say, I have a new method to hang wallpaper.

Added to this fun, Jo is also poorly. Lucky for her, the dreaded Manflu and dreaded Flu-Monia does not affect the female of the species. She's not well either, so we're kinda alternating our Meds-That-Do-Nothing-But-You-Buy-Them-Anyway so one of us is slightly better, does something, then collapses, and the other takes over. It seems to work, so yay for the sickies able to form conscious planning.

About an hour ago, I also felt the startings of what I now know to be "officially" a migraine; the sparkling in one eye, the smell-that-isn't-there and the twinges in the side of my nogging. As the pain started to kick in, I popped one of my new pills. So far, I can still feel it building, so I have to wait an hour and take another pill, or go sleep it off. Yuck. I really hope this pill does the trick, as I hate headaches.

So, aside from early early nights, medicine times, and having a complete lack of taste, all is ticking over. And, as I know some of you appreciate it, the weirdos are out in force again, finding 0ddness in whatever fun methods they use...

Ah yes, the surgery defects, the MILF next door, pervs, and blue assed flies. These people make me warm and fuzzy. And now, me and my big green jumper are going to relax.

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One Response to “Flu-Monia, or "Yes, We're Sick"”

Terri@SteelMagnolia said...

Are you saying that people searching for the stuff listed... ended up on your blog???????????
If that's so...

I read that you are a real sweetie :-) ... walked to the store and brought back goodies for Jo ... AWWWWWW....
what a nice guy!