OK, OK, I'm Here!

If there is one way to get me to post on my blog, it's to pester me. And a few of you have pestered me, so here I be. On the bright side, nothing particaully bad has kept me away, just what I define as "stuff".

First off, the ManFlu/Flu-Monia has been and gone, and while me and Jo are dealing with the tail end of it, we can breathe through noses and roll over in bed without gloop inside shifting around. The kids escaped it too, so it's a win for us.

Next on the menu is the "Dan Nearly Killed Himself" section. As mentioned before I have a citrus allergy, mostly to lemons. I can use bottled lemon juice if it's a low concentration, but otherwise, it's nasty stuff. So last week, we're eating pancakes and I am merrily slapping around the lemon juice when I kept clearing my throat, then cough a bit, then choke, then Jo started running around. My neck and throat ballooned, breathing was a mission, and she had to pour antihistamines down my throat. It took a few minutes, but did the job. Of course, coughing with enough force to hack my lungs up was very painful on my back, and then a migraine kicked in from nowhere.

On the back front (er, huh!) I've had several days of a lot of pain, it's been horrible. I've actually been skipping wearing socks as I just can't get down there. And on the migrane front, I've done my month supply of pills in just over a fortnight. Guess I need to try another sort!

And to add to the "Doom and Gloom" - Jo's monthly visitor has arrived, so I am typing this from my nuclear fallout bunker.

It has, however, been half-term this week, so Jaysen has been off school. Of course, Monday morning, Jo's mum picked him up so he could stay the night there, and he come home Saturday afternoon.

And the best news of all is better explained via a single photo.

Yes, that is Tam, and yes, that is Tam using the toilet. She's pretty much potty trained now, but refuses to use an actual potty. No no, everyone else uses the loo, so she has to use the loo. It's taken us a grand total of... Ten Days. Ten days to potty train an ickle girl that isn't even two yet. Go Tam.

Everything here is pretty much quiet though, and with it being this time of the year, we're tending to ignore most things (such as blogs) while we work on the whole "keeping busy" thing. No doubt I will post on Wednesday, as that is the anniversary of losing Bethy, but the last couple of weeks have been filled with dates that send us back. Not fun.

Lastly - Early Valentines Day worked fine ;) I decided not to celebrate it on the 14th as it's another of THOSE days, so we did it early. Have some pressies dear, yes yes, there you go. Now shush. hehe

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6 Responses to “OK, OK, I'm Here!”

Chance said...

*ding* grats, tam!

we're happy to have you back, but you really need to take care of yourself, mr dan!! while accidental death or dismemberment, admittedly, does make excellent blog fodder, we'd much prefer to hear that you're safe and sound.


joansy said...

Welcome back. I've missed your blog. Congrats on Tam!

Nancy Jensen said...

Congrats to Tam!!! None of my kids were potty trained at that age. They were all slackers. hehe...

Poor kid looks like she is about to fall in! You must always check the loo before flushing - just to make sure that Tam isn't in there trying to get out. haha!

The Special Zipper said...

Welcome back ... but careful not to come out of your bunker too soon .. don't get lulled into the false sense of security.

Deni said...

Hi Dan and family glad you are feeling better and great news about your wee Tam.

Terri@SteelMagnolia said...

Tam is just as cute as can be sitting on the toidey!