Fun With Food

You know how you were always told "Don't play with your food" by your parents, or indeed, any adult? Well, here in Chez 0ddness, I am proud to admit that I am one of the first people that will mess around with his dinner. I want the kids to grow up and have fun, to enjoy what they are doing, even if it means making a mess. Fun is better than sulking, even if it does mean spending half an hour cleaning up afterwards.

I can hear the sound of a thousand mothers crying out even now.

You might recall we started our year here with The Ketchup Incident, and while I don't have photographic proof, there has also been the mis-informed choice of Daddy showing how to see if spaghetti is cooked, which resulted in an interesting new interior-design look. The follow up to this involve noodles which are different altogether, as well as the "Tam Wearing Dinner" on many occasions using a bowl for a hat, and Jaysen invariably falling into his dinner somehow.

But a couple of days ago, Jo came home with a funky gimmick from Asda. Half a dozen plain gingerbread men, with little tubes of icing, and stuff to stick on. Yay! So, all four of us had a shot, and came up with some pretty interesting designs.

First off, Jo decided to be all artsy:

Then Tam went along the Crazy Random Squiggles route.

And then Daddy had a go.

Seriously, you have NO idea how hard it is to draw fishnet stockings on a gingerbread man. Woman. Whatever. Boobs & Nipples, no problem. Even getting the "hat" to stay on was fine and dandy.

And yes, we only had Red and Yellow icing, dagnabbit. And Jo wouldn't let me do the "Rear-Thong-Shot" on my one. If you're offended by these, well, tough pants really.

Jaysen also decorated one, but scoffed it in his mouth before Tam stole it. She just ate the last of the icing instead.

Ah yes, playing with your food is so much fun. Just try and convince mummy that it's her turn to clear up...

Edit: For anyone else that might have seen "OTHER" photos along with the gingerbread men, I can only apologise. I am sure you didn't come here to see Jo's ass. Aside from me, that is.

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5 Responses to “Fun With Food”

The Random One said...

XD I was not expecting that one!

Nancy Jensen said...

I somehow knew your gingerbread man would turn into gingerbread slut. ROFL! You have quite a talent for decorating with icing. Those fishnet stockings look hard to do. In fact, you could go into cake decorating! Of course you might get fired for your obscene pictures but hey, it could be a fun job for you while it lasted! ;-)

I just read your fine print. I always miss the good stuff. What photos did I miss?

Emma said...

I personally am very offended by the boobies! Shocking!!

Emma said...

I personally am very offended by the boobies! Shocking!!

Emma said...

see - so offended I posted it twice!