Musical Monday #4 - Lovers In A Dangerous Time

Being that it's Monday - Easter Monday no less - it's once again time for Musical Monday. Two in a row, go me. Of course, with Jo not being here, I could say that I am so busy doing everything that I've not had a chance to post, that I am slaving away, working my fingers to the bone, but that'd be a bare-faced lie! I've been cleaning, but the fact is, No Girls = No Mess.

Join in with the Musical Monday - post on Mondays a song that you love, hate, cry to, dance to, or want to throw things at. It doesn't have to be a good song, it can be a great song or even a dire song!

Over the last few years, I've heard a few songs by this band. Bare Naked Ladies - Lovers In A Dangerous Time is like the rest of their songs, with poiniont lyrics, good vocals and great music. I can't help sitting here bopping away to the beat. Whenever it's on, Jaysen (who is taking to singing) will sing the chorus a the top of his voice.

It also has a couple of lines that are very true, and depending on my frame of mind at the time, will either make me nod in agreement, sigh, or miss Bethy:

Nothing worth having comes without some kind of fight,
Got to kick at the darkness 'till it bleeds daylight.
Anyways, I can sit with this track on repeat while I do whatever during the day, and actually had it on most of the day yesterday. Enjoy!

As for next week, I already know what I am going to be putting up - so don't be surprised if it makes your ears bleed, or everyone bar me hates it ;)

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3 Responses to “Musical Monday #4 - Lovers In A Dangerous Time”

Smitty said...

my favourite...

The Random One said...

Hahah, I love how the one guy with glasses and a beard pops up out of nowhere when he has to sing. XD

Thanks for putting this up, got a chance to listen to a song I hadn't heard before.

That song was originally by Bruce Cockburn, I do believe.... U2 references it in one of their songs...:

"Heard a singer on the radio late last night... said he's gonna kick the darkness til it bleeds daylight"

From "God Part II" by U2 off of Rattle and Hum...

Minge said...