Musical Monday #7 - Mr Blobby

Whooo on with Musical Monday! I am slowly, very slowly, sending my feelers back out into the world of other blogs and am very happy to see people posting their own music videos to songs they love. With Spring and/or Summer well under way, the weather is good, windows are open, and you can play your music loud for all to hear. Ignore the world, crank it up, be anti-social, play your music!

Just not after 11pm, because that pisses me off ;)

However, if you are playing the songs for Musical Monday aloud, may I strongly suggest you close your windows. I already know for a fact that every single person in England has read the title to this post, and either killed their Internet, run in terror, or reported me to the authorities. Yes folks, as suggested by Alan last week (ie, blame HIM) this week has to be something really awful.

There was a time when I collected "bad" songs, and out of them all, this seemed to be the worst of them all. Mr Blobby - Mr Blobby somehow made it as a Christmas #1, despite the fact that the song is truly awful. I can't believe how dated this looks now either, with the scattering of English Celebs throughout it. Mr Blobby made it big on a Saturday Evening show, House Party, which was a massive hit across the country - the big fat thing was used in a prank setting, along the lines of "Punk'd" and suchlike, setting up celebs then laughing at them. Really, you might love this song. If you do, keep it to yourself ;)

I think for next week, I'm going to have to rock out, mosh, throw stuff around and get violent. Kinda ;)

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3 Responses to “Musical Monday #7 - Mr Blobby”

The Random One said...

Well this is quite interesting!

You want an entertaining Musical Monday...? Hit my blog. XD

Nancy Jensen said...

That was.... well.... interesting. Pardon me if I don't ever watch it again.

Mr. Blobby needs to do on a diet. He also needs to see the doctor about his chicken pocks.

Karma Rising said...

that black-haired chick was totally trying to get it on with mr. blobby!!!


how can you put this horrible smut on your blog??