Something For Fridays

With Musical Mondays slowly spreading among the blogsphere, I was thinking at midnight I should do something else, but on the other side of the weekend (ie, Friday), and something that has a little more participation. I love Musical Mondays, but as it stands, you post something, and that's that. However, my Friday idea will require a little more input from readers!

So, each Friday I will be doing a Face/Off Friday. Post two related things, and have people decide which is better. Fruit vs. Veg, Puppy vs. Kitten, Original Song vs. Cover... Two movies, two famous people, quotes - whatever takes your fancy, just make sure they are related. Carrots vs. Jumbo Jets would be kinda confusing. Besides, a 747 would totally destroy the carrot.

People will then get to vote in the comments, or, if you are a smart-ass (not saying names) you can use some free Poll software if you can handle it. I use FreePolls for the stuff I need, but you don't have to. I don't know if I will or not.

Hopefully this will be a bit of fun to get people commenting more and more on your blog, and who knows, maybe even generate more traffic. Those age-old arguements will be answered; who would win in a fight betweem a Caveman and an Astronaut? Is Tofu really better than the real thing? Are Spiders scarier than Snakes? Chocolate or Strawberry milkshake?

I will make a post each week also detailing YOUR polls, and what the outcome is. When we are gone and dust, our great-grand kids can plug the web into their head and look back and know, once and for all, that Hardy was hands-down better than Laurel.

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2 Responses to “Something For Fridays”

Nancy Jensen said...

Interesting concept. I think I'd have to see what you do with it before I decide whether to do it on my blog or not. As it is I usually get my photo hunters picture up a day late so who knows if I'll remember to do a face-off thing.

But I look forward to seeing what you do with it and of course I will vote.

The Random One said...

Good idea! I think I'd participate...