Peeking Out

So, things seem to be brightening somewhat here, even with being so bloody busy with everything. This last week - and especially this weekend - have been manic, constant, go-go-go with everything. I've been so busy and knackered, I've actually taken to sleeping in the afternoon. Yes, me!

We stripped the garden out over the weekend, moved the gravelled section back a bit further, de-weeded and de-grassed the stones, moved the swing/slide set, tidied up the shed, attacked the weed from hell and the deep creeper from hell, and generally got filthy. The fence still hasn't been repaired, and Miguel has found a route under next doors decking to get into their garden - where he sits barking for help because he can't get back.

As for me in general, things are a bit brighter this morning, and despite being awake at the ass-end of the morning once again, I feel a bit better in myself. Missing a day of meds certainly had a longer-term knock on effect that tells me I do still need them. I'm still not "Wayhey the world is great let's all dance and sing" but I am less stuck-in-the-rut than I was.

Granted, today I am in f$cking agony from being so busy, but meh. Pain is what I deal with.

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