Musical Monday #6 - Tubthumping

Another Musical Monday already! Being that I am so out of sync with all the blogs I read, I can only hope you're all being good and posting songs you want to hear and share with your fellow Bloggers. Me, I decided that after having a shitty week I would post something upbeat that most - if not all - of you have heard. Besides, it has a semi-interesting story attached!

Join in with the Musical Monday - post on Mondays a song that you love, hate, cry to, dance to, or want to throw things at. It doesn't have to be a good song, it can be a great song or even a dire song!

Cast your minds waaaay back to the dim distant past that is the late-1990's, when the charts were filled with bands you had never heard of before, shot to fame, then vanished again. Chumbawamba - Tubthumping comes across as one of those bands/songs, despite the fact they've been around for years (apparently!). This song has been used on TV, Movie, Advertising, Radio Bites, Sports - it's one of those songs that is just "used" a lot.

Me, I love the song, makes me chuckle and reminds of a party we were at where I can honestly say was the second "Most Evil Day After" in my all time top 10 "All Time Worst Hangovers". If you listen to the lyrics - mostly the chorus - you will hear the following:

He drinks a whisky drink,
He drinks a vodka drink,
He drinks a lager drink,
He drinks a cider drink
Now imagine me and a couple of other chaps drinking those drinks, at THAT speed. Over and over again. I tell you what, I was SO ill the following morning. Very Ill. This is also the night we stacked old furniture on a friends car, and soaped the windows of another car. Good times!

Now, before I leave it at that, I should also add this little clip. Yes, it does tie in ;)

Next weeks song? Hmmm, tough one.. I am considering something really crap!

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7 Responses to “Musical Monday #6 - Tubthumping”

Minge said...

I drink lemonade.

The Random One said...

I LOVE this song! ^_^

It's so much fun.

DriedPapercutsAndChickens said...

I never actually THOUGHT about this song before....yah that would be a rough night danny boy

Smitty said...

Nice choice. ;)

Alan Fisher said...

Next weeks' song should DEF be really crap imho

Gretchen said...

I had forgotten that song!

Thanks for the reminder!

Nancy Jensen said...

I had never really listened to the words before. I can only imagine how much fun the day after was for you. :-X I did like the Simpsons one that tied in so well. rofl