Tired... Slow... Ugh...

Do you ever get that feeling that everything is just sooo slow? Yesterday, my entire day was spent feeling like that. I was tired to the point of exhaustion, I felt heavier than I usually do, I felt icky, and spent most of the day on the sofa, nodding and dozing.

The dogs laid on me most of the time, with the occasional guest appearance from Tam, but I kept finding that I'd close my eyes, flick them open, and an hour or two would have vanished, only to repeat it a little while later. Today I still feel icky, I still feel heavy and still feel tired, just not as bad as yesterday.

Apparently, after speaking to Ruth, this is part-and-parcel of the Chronic Fatigue/ME stuff and happens fairly often. I know I can get tired from doing very little, and some days I just want to die, but daaaamn.

In other news, we got a call a few days back on our mobiles from another operator - would we switch to them, get a new phone, contract instead of pay as you go, free calls, free texts, etc etc... Not thinking we'd pass the credit check, we said yes, and low and behold, we got new phones!

Jo wanted the black one, and I love my white one. Sony Ericsson W850i, with 1Gb memory for MP3s as they are Walkman Phones as well. All very spanky, shiny and swish. Obviously, it means we have new phone numbers, so if you DIDN'T get the text from us, drop me a mail and I will let you know them :) I considered putting them on here, then realised what a fantastically stupid idea that would have been.

After all, I'm so horrible to some of you, I'd end up getting hate mail ;)

Anyway, this means my old Motorola L6 is knocking around for anyone that wants it. It doesn't have a charger with it as it broke (and I used the computer/USB to charge it), but I might be able to dig out the hands-free stuff. You can probably get a new charger on Ebay, and accessories at boot fairs. The battery lasts a fair while, it's got a camera and stuff on it, bluetooth and what-not, and while it's originally a Virgin Mobile phone, it's unlocked to all networks. If it doesn't get an owner, I suppose I could post it to Tim in Australia to chuck into his charity box.

I might even remove the nekkid pictures of Jo from it too........

Edit: Actually I might leave the pictures on there - see if some bare skin will generate more money in an auction!

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One Response to “Tired... Slow... Ugh...”

The Special Zipper said...

Nice ... heh heh .. we got a loan phone when Tarnya's phone went back on warranty. The previous person using the phone forgot to delete their pics. They even made their own little movie and lets just say it was solo and VERY blue. I laughed (as any male would)!!!