And The Weekend Finished

After a nice chill-out day on Saturday, I had hoped that Sunday would be much of the same - that is, nothing interesting happening. Saturday night, I could not sleep, and I think in total, I had something like three hours of broken, non-restful sleep. I gave up trying at 5am and crawled out of bed.

After a few minutes, it was obvious Sunday was going to be one of those days. My head started to thump, and I could smell that funny smell I detect when I have a migraine coming. Joy. So I took some pills, but the icky headache remained, as did The Smell. On the bright-ish-side, it didn't become a full blow migrane.

As for the smell, there is only one way I can describe it. Poo. Shit. Crap. OK, so that's three ways, but none the less, THAT is what I smell when my head hurts. All. Day.

Added to this, the lack of sleep meant I had a crappy day. I wasn't sad exactly, but I was down, I didn't know what to do with myself, and I was generally in a pants mood all day.

Oh, and my back was hurting too.

People keep telling me "Go to the doc, get help sleeping" but here's the thing - I don't WANT to go to the doctors, I don't WANT to rely on pills to control another aspect of my life, and I don't WANT to take pills in order to knock me out. As it is, I rattle with the painkillers, the antidepressants, the anti inflammatories, the migraine pills... More Pills = More Side Effects, and I just can't be dealing with that at the moment. Yeah, I might sleep, but I'll probably end up puking all day, or my hair will fall out, or my piss will turn sparkly green.

Well, the last would be cool, but the rest - no thanks.

So anyway, here we are, Monday morning, the smell of shit firmly in my nose, my hands and feet swollen and the headache is playing around in my noggin. Guess it's time for the school run!

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3 Responses to “And The Weekend Finished”

debbie said...

HI Dan,

I was thinking rather than a dr and Pills, have you seen a ciropractor or some sort of person who can manipulate your body,, I mean it must be so so very tense with the pain, maybe someone like a massure can help with some of the pain..or hypotherapy to help you relax. maybe you need a new matteress too to help improve things a tad.. Only thinking of course, but cant help with the Migraines as Charlie gets those too

Dan said...

I went to a chiropodist a few years back for some physiotherapy but he decided he was making me worse and not better - where parts of my back have corroded, it's just bone on bone with nerves trapped in between. Jo can massage me a bit, but my back is tender as well, so she has to be careful or it hurts more than relaxes.

Not changing mattress as I LOVE my bed!

I'll survive :)

joansy said...

The smell thing is freaky. I hope you're feeling better soon.