Musical Monday #9 - Fueur Frei

Musical Monday #9! Go me! Slowly but surely, I see other bloggers picking up the torch of Musical Monday, holding it aloft and proclaiming "Here's a Song" or something similar. Heck, post a link to your Musical Monday post in the comments section of this post, get other listening to you tracks. And if you don't do it - why not?!

As I decided last week, this week would be a harder track than everything else I've done before. Now, granted, there ARE louder/harder/shoutier songs out there, but I thought I'd start with a safe one. And, more than likely, everyone will hate this - especially if you are old and have older kids. Who knows, you've probably screamed at Junior to turn this very song down.

Of the clubs in our area, there is only one that we attend with any real desire to actually be there, and it's there that we first heard this song. And yes, the song is in German. But none the less, Rammestein - Fueur Frei is a heavy rock/metal track that, frankly, kicks arse. It's used in the opening scenes of the Vin Diesel movie, xXx (Triple X), and the band are performing it on stage.

All in all, it's a good rock song, regardless of whether or not you can understand the lyrics! Just a note though - this video isn't from the song, it's from Resident Evil. It has zombies, guns, blood and general computer-game-carnage. You can listen, but if you get nervous around that, just minimise the window!

So - what did YOU opt for on Musical Monday?

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2 Responses to “Musical Monday #9 - Fueur Frei”

debbie said...

cant say I have ever heard of that music.. Rock or whatever it was

The Random One said...

Not bad. Till's voice can be kind of scary sometimes, though.

You should put Mein Teil up there sometime. Interesting (to say the least) story to the song... lol