The Full Schedule

The Powers That Be. Those omnipotent forces that sit back and watch my daily life putting things before me. Seriously, I'd like to meet them one day and kick them squarely in the nuts. It's been a long, hectic week. The weather cannot decide if it wants to be hot, cold, sunny, overcast, dry or raining. Jaysen and Tam are aiming to drive me to an early grave with "Happy Happy!" to "I will eat your soul!" mood swings.

So, today is Jaysens sports day. 1.15pm. However, it pissed down last night - full on downpour. And the schools decision regarding sports day?

"We'll see what the weather does today"

That's great - so we MIGHT have to attend sports day. Mum sent me a message yesterday - she's bringing some pots (pots, plural, as in vases, not singular as in the reefer) and some plants over for the front garden. Her ETA? Late morning. OK, not too shabby. Jo's dad contacts her - he and Grant are coming over to test the World of Warcraft card game. Their ETA? "After 11".

Great, so now we've knackered ourselves making sure the house is a little more presentable and it's gone half ten. Which means that we've got half an hour to chill out, have a cuppa and something to eat before every man and his dog (And my sister, plus Amy come with mum) turns up, socialise, then get out for 1pm, get to sports day - which may or may not be on - watch that, for however long it lasts, then probably go home, then go back to school, get Jaysen and Ashley, take Ash home, then finally, maybe, by 4pm, we'll be done.

By which time, it's time to start the Dinner-Homework-Bath-Bed routine.

If anyone says "But at least it's Friday" I will find you and I will pour vinegar up your nose.

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One Response to “The Full Schedule”

Terri@SteelMagnolia said...

not the vinegar!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
not the vinegar Christina!!!!!