You Got Mail - Kinda

I think my online presence has a theme. I cannot keep an email address for more than a year or two. Something always causes it to go kaput; I either get spammed into oblivion, Blueyonder breaks it, I lose the login details, or something else strange.

Once again, Dan is changing his email address. But, for those that have lived through OH so many of them, this one will be different. I'm not setting up one for this, one for that, and one for the other. No no, this time, it's one mail addy and be done. Well, actually two, but one of those already exists.

So, if you have a half dozen "Dan English" in your address book, delete them. Chuck them in the bin. Throw them at small old ladies. My email address(es) are as follows:

Yes, that is an image file in an attempt to cut down on Ye Olde Spammage. "0ddness" starts with a zero, and the "o" in "Blog" is also a zero.

Any other email address - junk, pbem, english, spare, yahoo, hotmail (aside from msn addy) - you can get rid of.

I should add, we're having so much hassle from Blueyonder/VirginMedia that we are likely dumping them in favour of another ISP. This email address is on a different account we have with them, while my others are on my High Speed account. All very confusing, so don't worry too much.

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6 Responses to “You Got Mail - Kinda”

debbie said...

just to say I have saved those two yesterday and dumped the previous 4 that I had for you..

what about MSN whats that

Stuart Wilson said...

Dan... You own the domain... Surely that includes the ability to use aliases so you could have something like (which can be forwarded to an existing email address ie. your blueyonder inbox). If you ever change your blueyonder email, you only need to change where the email is forwarded it to...

Or... you could just tell me to shut up!

The Random One said...

You change email addresses like you change underwear!

Actually, I'd hope that you might change your underwear a bit more often.

Is your MSN name still the same?

If so, can I add it?

Anonymous said...

first of all..Absolutely love the new picture at the top!

also lots of love and hugs over the nasty troll/bitch...I cant get over how unbelievably disturbed and evil some people are :( the process of deleting all your old adresses, I accidentally deleted youe msn addy...please add me again?

Laila xx

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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