Night Owl

We went to bed at about 10.30pm this evening. About "average" for us, if there's any such thing. As usual, upstairs was stiflingly hot. The bedroom has two large, south-facing windows, and is directly below the flat, black roof. The sun comes up, and the sun shines in there and on the roof, heating the room regardless of drawn curtains or open windows. This carries on till the sun plonks out the sky and lands on Irelands to the west. So, the room was hot, you get that.

On goes the fan, the windows get opened further, Tam flakes out, Jo fidgets, I read. And read and read.

Midnight, Jo is still fidgeting, and I've been reading since I got to bed. Room is cooler, duvet is buggered, both of us are uncomfortable. Light goes out, Jo tries to get comfy. I don't bother, since no matter HOW I lay I hurt, and my brain refuses to shut off.

1am, still awake, but Jo is snoring. Bonus. She's pinning me with an arm, shoulder and leg.

I fidget.

2am, I manage to fidget enough that I escape. Like liquid, Jo spreads across the bed. My space is no more. I steal a pillow and wander downstairs. I get a drink, check my phone, read some blogs, comment on someones personal hygiene, send some dead-of-night text messages for giggles. I wander the interweb.

3am. Here I am. The sky to the east is starting to look lighter, and I know that I can either A) Try and man-handle Jo some so I can squeeze back into bed. Yes, appealing because I am a perv, but she's like a bear with a headache if you wake her in the dead of night. B) Sleep on the sofa. This has no getting-savaged-by-sleeping-woman downside, but it's sooo not a comfortable sofa - I'll hurt even more tomorrow than I already do, but I might (Key Word: Might) sleep. Or C) Give up on the notion of sleep completely. No "Raaar Die!" aspect from Jo, no "Sofa of Doom" aspect from the lounge, but I will be evil tomorrow, will probably hurt even more than I already do, and no doubt end up not sleeping tomorrow night either.

I hate insomnia.

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One Response to “Night Owl”

debbie said...

bet you managed to sleep with with dogs in there Bed,, well hope you managed to sleep somewhere Dan and are not too uncomfortable now,,