Song of the Moment #2

Yes, yes, I know I already did a Musical Monday post... I've already chosen a song for next week (which will probably make ears bleed a little), but because I love music so much, I figured I would post another music video of a song I am loving at the moment.

It seems whenever I arrive at Ruths house, this song is on her radio. I always say something like "Oooh I love this, who is it?" and she always tells me. By the time I get to the end of her path, I forget all about it. Yesterday I sent myself a text message so I would remember. Yay Dan!

So, Snow Patrol ft. Martha Wainwright - Set The Fire to the Third Bar

Hope you enjoy it. I love all their songs, and I am sure you'll find something you like from them. You can go to the official Snow Patrol webpage here.

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